5 of the Worlds Most Incredible Festivals


Around the world countless festivals take place each year,

transforming a town or a city into a place of magic, laughter and festivities.

They’re held for countless reasons; music, laughter, celebration,

and even just for the sake of letting your hair down.

That said,

here are five of the worlds most incredible festivals that will have you feeling happier just thinking about them…


1. Burning Man, Nevada, United StatesBliss_dance_at_Burning_man_2010

The Burning Man festival is a week-long annual festival which takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The festival takes its name from the large effigy which is symbolically burned at the festival every year.

For people looking to break away from the constaraints of society and simply party for a week solid, Burning Man is the place to do it. The festival is described as ‘an experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and radical self-reliance’, something which becomes true for the thousands of festival goers each year.


2. Songkran Water Festival, Thailand2

Celebrated in mid-April, Songkran Festival is the three-day way of celebrating the New Year in Thailand and also the biggest water fight in the world. The festival is celebrated all over Thailand, though Bangkok sees the highest number of participants, and across the country these three days see countless street parties, family reunions, prayers, blessings, and water-balloons.

The festival isn’t just for natives either. Anyone from anywhere is free to join in no matter their religion, race or age making this unique festival truly spectacular.


3. Up Helly Aa Fire Festival, Scotland3

The Up Helly Ah is Europe’s biggest fire festival which takes place at the end of January each year. The main festival is held in the town of Lerwick however many smaller festivals take place in the surrounding rural areas.

The festivals are held to mark the end of the yule season, something which is done in spectacular fashion. During the festival, thousands of people (often dressed in themed Viking costumes) march through the streets carrying burning torches which at the end of the procession are thrown into a full-scale Viking ship replica which is them burned to ashes. Arguably, Up Helly Aa is one of the worlds hottest festivals!


4. Lantern Festival, Taiwan4

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is perhaps the most magical festival on Earth which truly is surreal to behold. Started in 1990, this annual event sees Taiwan’s skies come alight as thousands of paper lanterns are released beneath the glow of the moon.

Each of the lanterns are symbolic to their owners and are decorated with images special to them or wishes and hopes for their future, making each lantern like a personal prayer. The festival dates differ each year but this magical sight always takes place between February and March. The Lantern Festival truly is a wonder to behold and one viewers aren’t likely to forget any time soon.


5. Rio Carnival, Brazil5

The Rio Carnival is by far the biggest and most incredible annual festival the world has to offer. It begins 40 days before easter each year and takes place over the course of four spectacular days.

The Rio Carnival is kicked off by an absolutely stunning parade which is filled with colourful and excessive floats on which hundreds of sequin-covered people dance, igniting the party atmosphere.

During the festival period no bar, hotel, restaurant or home is left untouched and if you’re in the city it’s impossible not to get involved. Believe it or not, the reason for this wondrous festival is simply for everyone to laugh, have fun, and enjoy themselves.

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