5 of The Most Wondrous Streets on Earth


There are countless streets all around the world,

most of which are nothing special and fail to stand out amongst all the others.

The same cannot be said of these streets however.

That said,

here are five incredible streets which are wondrous for one reason or another..

1. Blue Street, MoroccoBlue-Street,-Morocco

After visiting the town of Chefchaouen, Morocco, there’s little doubt that you’ll be dreaming of the colour blue. Once visitors step inside the medina they’re astounded to find that the majority of the walls, doors, paths and roads of the streets have been painted a magnificent shade of blue.Blue-Street,-Morocco-2

The streets were originally painted blue by the Jewish refugees who hailed to Chefchaouen during the 1930s. The streets are coloured in direct contrast to the mountainous surroundings of Chefchaouen, making the streets and the landscape stand out all the more.

2. Lombard Street, California, United StatesLombard-Street,-California,-United-States

Lombard Street, San Francisco, is famous for its series of bizarre hairpin turns. The street is known as the ‘crookedest street in the world’ and plays host to eight of these incredible turns (called switchback turns).

The turns were added as the street would have been too steep for most vehicles to climb and the hairpin turns transformed the hill into a gentle incline. In recent years the street has been made one way and a parking ban has been enforced in order to make it safer to travel.

3. Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, United StatesLas-Vegas-Strip,-Nevada,-United-States

Few streets in the world are more vibrant than the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada. The street is perhaps the best lit strip on the planet and is illuminated with countless neon sights that invite visitors inside 24/7.

The heart of Las Vegas is lined with luxury hotels, magnificent theatres, shopping centres, walk-in chapels and, of course, casinos. Tourists flock from all over the world to shop on the strip, attend shows, gamble and let their hair down. This world renowned street is famous for inviting people to risk-take, gamble and thrill-seek.

4. Floating Umbrella Street, PortugalFloating-Umbrella-Street,-Portugal

As part of the Agitagueda art festival, hundreds of floating umbrellas were installed above the streets of Agueda by Sextafeira. After the artwork (which unsurprisingly was called the Floating Umbrellas) was such a hit after its first year in the Agitagueda art festival it has made a subsequent return and seems to be turning into a wondrous and colourful tradition for Agueda.Floating-Umbrella-Street,-Portugal-2

As well as adding a splash of colour to the streets, the umbrellas provide shade for passers by and make for an exceptional sight too. The sight has also become an internet sensation which has helped to draw ever more tourists to the town when the Floating Umbrella display is on show.

5. Cracked Stones Street, The NetherlandsCracked-Stones-Street,-The-Netherlands

Roombeek is a commercial street in Enschede, the Netherlands, and is also the urban core of the district. The street takes its name from the small stream which flows through the area. In the past, the stream has been forced to flow underground however in recent years it has been restored and made visible above ground again. The waterway was a hit in the urban district and has now become the districts new central point.

To mark the area, the stream has been decorated with cracked stones which follow the shape of the stream as it widens and narrows. To create the reflective pattern on the water’s surface, the bed of the stream was treated with a rough structure that reduces the water’s flowing speed. The asymmetrical stones and the variation of their shapes is a testament to the randomness of nature and a reference to the firework explosion which partially destroyed the street in May 2000.Cracked-Stones-Street,-The-Netherlands-2