5 of the Most Relaxing Natural Baths in The World


For years people have flocked to natural baths and hot springs,

fascinated by their beauty,

peacefulness and the supposed relaxing qualities they have.

Across the world there are hundreds of natural baths

but let’s take a look at five of the most relaxing ones…




1. Mud Baths of Dalyan, Turkey6._Mud_Baths_of_Dalyan_by_J.S._Burn

In the sleepy town of Dalyan and on the edge of the river lie some of the world’s greatest mud baths which over the years have been visited by the likes of Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, and, myth has it, even Cleopatra herself.

Visitors will likely smell the Mud Baths of Dalyan before they see them as they contain sodium chloride, sulphur, hydrogen, bromide and fluoride, giving them a distinctive odour. People are invited to soak in the mud, smothering it across the body, before allowing it to dry on their skin under the hot Turkish sun.

At first, most people report it being an odd experience to undergo, especially when the mud begins to dry and crack, but once the mud is rinsed off skin is left feeling exfoliated, tight, and refreshed. The mud can be washed off by nearby pools which are attached to two crystal clear, hot springs which naturally fluctuate between 30°C and 38°C.


2.  Saturnia, ItalySaturnia

Legend has it that Saturnia’s hilltop thermal springs bubble up at the exact spot where Jupiter’s thunderbolt crashed to Earth in a battle with Saturn, something which has attracted a great deal of curiosity to these natural baths over the centuries.

The legend matters little to today’s visitors however and instead they pay more attention to the incredible calming effects bathing the springs has on the mind, not to mention the healing qualities some say they have when it comes to muscle, joint, cardiovascular and respiratory issues.

Saturnia truly is a perfect place to relax and soak and after just a short dip the volcanic waters will have done wonders for your body and soul.


3. Pamukkale, Turkey8-Pamukkale

In addition to the Mud Baths of Dalyan, Turkey is also home to the luxurious hot springs of Pamukkale. There are 17 hot springs in the area which range in temperature from 35°C to a massive 100°C.

The springs all vary in shape and seem to step their way up the hill face, each of them lying at a slightly different hight which makes for a beautiful view. While soaking in the luxurious hot waters, guests are also able to relax as they take in the Turkish landscape around them and the sight of everything Pamukkale has to offer.


4. Bath, England9._Bath_by_S

Studies suggest that humans have been bathing in the hot springs at Bath since as early as 8,000BC and that their popularity hasn’t waned in all that time. The arrival of the Roman’s saw the first formal baths and bathhouses constructed on the site at some point in the first century and in the years that followed the baths only grew in popularity.

The waters, which stem from three ancient wellheads under Bath and provide the springs with ancient rainwater, are filled with 42 beneficial minerals that have been proven to treat and in some cases heal many a skin condition. During the Second World War doctors were even known to send their patients here to treat their ailments.


5. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland7-Blue-lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s biggest tourist attraction which is essentially a giant bathtub. It’s fed by six million litres of geothermal seawater from 2000 meters below the Earth’s surface.

By the time the water reaches the lagoon’s surface it’s mineral-rich and a beautiful milky aqua colour. Guests can soak for hours in the the lagoon, enjoying a temperature of between 37°C and 39°C, and by the time they come out their skin will be silky soft and feeling wonderfully refreshed. In addition to the lagoon, there’s also massaging waterfall, a sauna, and a steam bath carved out of a lava cave for guests to enjoy.

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