5 of the World’s Most Hauntingly Surreal Abandoned Places


Photo Credit: Flickr: mypubliclands

These stunning relics from the past are some of the world’s most hauntingly surreal abandoned places. Once full of laughter, or tears, today, they are all but forgotten. Pictured above, the remote town of Garnet, Montana was once a bustling place filled with gold miners and their families, boasting hotels, saloons, stores, a school, weekly newspaper and much more. But, by 1912, the large strikes were depleted, fire had raged through town, and most miners had left in search of new riches. Today, it’s a ghost town, publicly owned and managed by the BLM.

House of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Mount Buzludzha, Bulgaria


bulgarian party

Photo Credit: Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP/Getty Images

Once the center of Bulgarian politics during the Soviet Era, the House of the Bulgarian Communist Party was abandoned with the fall of the Iron Curtain less than a decade after opening in 1981. Much of the paneling from the building’s roof has been stolen, leaving the interior subject to the elements.

Wonderland, Beijing, China


Photo Credit: Flickr: Joe Wolf

Beijing had dreams of its own Disneyland, but Wonderland Amusement Park was abandoned in 1998 after disputes over land prices brought a halt to construction.

Miranda Castle, Belgium

Château Miranda

Photo Credit: proj3ctm4yh3m.com

While this magnificent structure also known as Chateau de Noisy is a shell of its former self, it remains hauntingly beautiful. Originally built by French aristocrats fleeing the guillotine, it was abandoned in 1991, now attracting ghost hunters and thrill-seeking teenagers.

Ross Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

ross island

Photo Credit: 123RF/Mcmorabad

The site of the former administrative headquarters for the British in the Andaman Islands during British rule over India, the island was abandoned three-quarters of a century ago and is now home to numerous ruins enveloped by various vines and branches.