Over 40,000 Photos Were Taken To Create This Beautiful Time-Lapse Video Of Paris. Gorgeous!


How do you capture all of the beauty that is Paris in one video? Many people would say this is an impossible task, Paris simply has too much to offer, and one must visit first hand to get a true feel of the city. But that ideology is tossed out the window after one talented photographer collected over 40,000 images and dedicated over 400 hours putting them all into one perfect time-lapse video.

We have Paul Richardson to thank for creating this phenomenal video, allowing those that have never traveled to Paris a chance to experience all that the famous city has to offer.

It was Paul Richardson’s first trip to Paris when he decided to embark on the project to “try and capture the city in all its glory.” While the photos from his journey are breathtaking on their own, when combined for the video–located at the bottom of this post–the results are simply incredible, just like the city of Paris.





Richardson spent 3 weeks in Paris, and each day he just couldn’t believe how perfect the city truly is. For his time-lapse video Richardson wanted to capture the main attractions of Paris, including the Parisian activities and famously ornate buildings. But he also aimed to capture another, less touristy side of the city, including the “towering glass glad skyscrapers and fast paced life.”



Richardson had seen that the forecast called for a thunderstorm during his trip, and unlike many tourists who might think, “Oh no, rain?!” Richardson was giddy with delight. In fact he felt truly lucky when the storm actually started to roar overhead.

Richardson says, “The storm started off slow, but very quickly built up to be absolutely ferocious. The lighting was hitting almost every other second, and some bolts were taking up the entire sky.”

The following night another storm lashed over the city, and once again Richardson staked out amongst the skyscrapers to capture the perfect shots. It wasn’t easy but it was well worth it. “By the end of the night I was freezing cold and completely soaked…but content with what I had managed to capture.”  You can see the actual power of the storm towards the end of the time-lapse video.



After 3 weeks of taking photos across the city, it was finally time to come on home. Although for the next 5 weeks Richardson remained wrapped up in the world of Paris, editing all of his footage into a time-lapse video.

Counting all of the time Richardson spent taking photos and editing them into a video, the project totals over 400 hours of dedicated work. That means every second of the video footage took 2 1/2 hours of Richardson’s time to create.


Paul Richardson is based in Manchester but works all across the world creating time-lapse footage based straight out of the future. He considers the old static time-lapse videos to be a thing of the past, he utilizes high tech camera equipment that allows him to independently move his camera through 3 axis of motion, and this gives his work a unique edge. Plus, since all of his work is capable of 4k resolutions, it is future-proofed, at least for many years to come.



So far, Richardson’s talent has earned him some big name clients such as Ramada, SEGA, EA, and Alienware. Who knows where the future will take this talented photographer!


The entire Paris video was self-funded by Richardson, simply because of his love for time-lapse videos. In honor of his hard work, be sure and share if you enjoy!

Watch the complete J’adore Paris video by Paul Richardson below:

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Photo Credits: Vimeo, Facebookagour.co.uk