Awesome 3D Floors Transform Your Bathroom Into An Ocean Oasis


Bathrooms are typically mundane spaces with wood floors, colorful tiles, a sink, toilet and tub. If all of this monotony is too much for you to handle 3D flooring will change your life. You can now transform your bathroom floor into an ocean oasis full of crashing waves thanks to innovative 3D epoxy floors that rely on angled photos and multiple transparent layers.

The Dubai-based company Imperial is the first company to market this particular type of flooring, although due to the popularity it is assumed that many others will soon start to duplicate the awesome effect. According to Imperial, liquid 3D floors are a rather new innovation frequently used in hotels, offices and shopping centers. As of recently they are now being installed in private homes as well.

It looks like the future of flooring is about to get a lot more exciting. Take a look at these awesome examples of 3D floors to get ideas for your next home improvement project!


When it comes to 3D flooring you are most certainly not confined to the bathroom, you can apply 3D floors to any room in your house. If you want an ocean oasis in your bedroom or kitchen there is nothing stopping you.

If the ocean isn’t your thing you can transform the floors throughout your home into anything you want. Imperial writes on their website, “The structure may include a variety of decorative “stuff” – coins, figurines, pieces of material, and the like.” The high tech design takes some time to create and requires plenty of patience, but the end results are well worth the wait and cost.




3D floors, simple or extreme, are the future. After all, they provide a more eco-friendly way to create high quality, durable floors that look like marble, tile or even crashing ocean waves.



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