30 Magical Photos of Children Playing Around The World


When you are a child all that you want to do is grow up. Despite the fact every grown up you meet tells you how lucky you are to be a kid, and how they would love to go back to their own childhood, if only for a day. Being a child is a majestic experience, everything is so new, and all of the rules of society still seem so unimportant. Getting your hands dirty and enjoying a good belly laugh are enough to get your spirits high.

The innocence and joy children sparkle with pairs perfectly with the beauty of our natural world. These photos from all over the world show how children use whatever resources are available to have a good time.


In India, wealthier children live a similar life to westernized children, with a bus ride to school and TV before bed. Poor families are typically treated as “untouchables” and poor children are banned from going to school or interacting with children from higher caste families. As a young kid these audacious rules and inequalities are no bother, at least not yet.





All children just want to have a good time, and there’s no stopping them from doing so. Who needs a Target to purchase a new soccer ball? These smart and creative kids prove you can use an old cardboard box to kick around.



Perhaps you grew up with a pet cat or dog, but what about a pet buffalo? The children in Indonesia get to spend their time playing with all sorts of animals, in some of the most scenic locations.









Rural Vietnamese children battle many problems with water-related illnesses. 44% of Vietnamese children have an intestinal worm of some type. Despite the hardships these children face, they still know how to have a good time and enjoy their childhood.



Imagine knowing how to fish for your food the moment your hands are large enough to carry a line. This little girl in Russia brings her cat along on an ice-fishing excursion. I don’t know who looks more enthralled with their catch, the cute little girl or her cat!


Burkina Faso

We have a tendency in the western world to think our way of life dominates all others, but we don’t really know if our way of life promotes greater happiness. Judging by the photo of these children, happiness can be found anywhere, even in the most desolate places on earth. All that you need is an old rubber tire!



These children play a fierce game of soccer wearing traditional Buddhist clothing common to the area. Even with Buddha’s gentle guidance, he who kicks the hardest wins.



Uganda is full of economic and social strife, including a lack of adequate resources and consequences of war. Watching these children kick around a ball in a grassy field seems to make all of the region’s problems fade away, if only momentarily.



Splish-splash, these kids are taking a bath and loving every moment of it! No matter if they are outside, sharing a small rusty tub between the three of them. By the looks on these adorable faces they might as well be enjoying a wide-open swimming pool.



These children living in Estonia enjoy the perks of winter, rolling over ice on white-laced skates, hand and hand they twirl.



Thailand has some of the most amazing landscapes submerged in nature, granting local children beautiful places to play. Some children live better lives than others in Thailand, where child trafficking remains a dangerous threat to many.




South Africa

Homemade kid cars and bright yellow ropes keep these South African children busy at play, as they enjoy the natural resources they are crafty enough to turn into awesome toys.




Italian children enjoy a wondrous time playing with bubbles at the center of this popular square.



In the USA, where cell phones and tablets rule the world, the most amazing, and inspirational photos of children are found in more natural settings. Where kids can just be kids.



If there’s a beach, there’s fun to be had, especially if you are a kid growing up in Peru. These children splash in the waves, kicking a ball back in forth, in hopes it doesn’t get swept out to sea.



Political and religious drama continues to persist in Israel, but before children become wrapped up in all of it, life is just simple, fun, and carefree.



In Ethiopia, these two young boys use sticks as makeshift stilts they walk around on. Even living in the middle of nowhere, with very little resources, children have a knack for finding something to do, a quality we should all strive to retain as adults.



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