26 Ice And Snow Formations That Look Like Beautiful Art


Ice causes crops to freeze over, car tires to skid out of control, and frostbite but it can also create some of the most beautiful formations that look like art. Ice requires just the right ingredients in regards to temperature, wind chill, and humidity, and even the littlest changes can cause monumental differences in the appearance of ice formations.

The following 26 ice formations are uniquely beautiful, so much so they look like art. These images prove nothing is quite as beautiful as what nature creates.

Baikal Ice Emerald 

Emerald colored ice sparkles at Lake Baikal in Russia.


Folded Layers of Snow 

Thanks to the way the icy water slipped down this slide, the ice formed in awesome sheet layers.


Frozen Bubbles 

This is what happens when you blow bubbles in freezing cold temperatures. When Washington-based photographer, Angela Kelly, decided to blow soap bubbles with her 7-year old son she didn’t know exactly what would happen. The results were more stunning than she ever imagined.




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Frozen Lakes 


The bubbles seen in frozen lakes are caused by an accumulation of methane gas beneath the surface. The methane will remain trapped within the buoyant bubbles until the ice starts to thaw in the spring. It sure looks beautiful, but methane gas is highly flammable and is considered a far more dangerous greenhouse gas than carbine dioxide.

Frozen Lighthouse located on Lake Michigan 


I sure wouldn’t want to try and walk up these steps!


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Flowers Encased In Ice After Storm


Science has classified 16 unique types of ice due to structural differences. The strangest of all is amorphous ice, which has no crystalline structure and is most commonly found in space.

Interestingly, ice is found everywhere in space. Scientists believe that all of the water on planet earth originated after comets and asteroids full of ice hitting the planet in its earliest years.

Ice Blossoms 

These ice formations look like perfect white flowers in bloom.


Frost Forms In Spikes Along Metal Fence 


Frozen Tree 

Ice hangs in long icecle strands from this small frozen tree.


Frosted Cobwebs 


Frost Flowers Spread Across Arctic Ocean 


Frozen Berries 

Preserved until next spring!


Icicles Form On An Apple Tree In Bloom


Leaf After Freezing Rains


Frozen Grass

It looks as if the two sides of frozen grass are reaching out to another to become one.


Rabbit Frost, Also Known As Frost Flower

This photo represents what happens after a freezing cold night actually freezes the moisture traveling up through a plant. In the morning these incredible formations often melt, but if temperatures remain low enough they can remain in tact for a number of days.


Frozen Pond 

A modern painting or a frozen pond?


Frozen Orange Flowers


Ice Forms in Bubbles Over Grass After Rain


The largest hail storm ever recorded in the US included hailstones the size of bowling balls.

Snow Roller

Snow rollers are awesome and rather rare. They form when large snowballs are blown by the wind and as a result pick up material as they roll along.


Frosted Pine

What’s more festive than frosted pine?


Frozen Leaf

After freezing cold rains in China, these amazing ice formation were found.



Minnehaha Falls In Minneapolis, Minnesota 


Icicle Bush 


Frozen Trees In Czech Forest 


Which of these incredible ice formations is your favorite?

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