26 Dogs Hugging Their Humans


Nothing compares to a big warm hug from your dog. After a long day your dog can cheer you up like no one else, even when you don’t want to talk to any friends or loved ones, your dog is a source of companionship you crave.

Dogs don’t judge or hold grudges, they simply love with all of the power their canine hearts contain. The simple smell of you is enough to peak your dog’s interest, get them excited to jump into your arms. Why else do you think your dog waits at the door for you to come home everyday?

Dogs are inspirational creatures with the power to touch our hearts beyond reason. Dogs may look different than you and I, but all over the planet they are a seamless addition to human families. According to research, people who own dogs are happier, more productive, and they also tend to be more fit. All 3 of these things sound like great perks to the already amazing experience of owning a dog.

Just the other week it was International Dog Day, but considering all of the love and joy your dog brings you, we think everyday should reserve a little special time for dogs. After all, they truly do make the world a better place. Check out these adorable photos of dogs hugging their human owners, they will surely inspire you to go give your own dog a big open-arm squeeze!


Life with a golden, love in its purest form.


“Hold me up mom, I just went to the groomers and don’t want to get my hair wet!”


No one taught this dog to close his eyes when he goes in for a kiss!


Hugging a dog the size of a horse is apparently no big deal to this lady… or maybe he’s just really heavy to hug.


A sweet embrace shared between two golden-hair kids, doesn’t get much cuter than that!


Not sure if this dog wants a hug, or if she is just trying to avoid the man in yellow coming at her from behind.


Home is where the dogs are!


Dogs are there through the good times and bad. And after a long day when you just need a place to rest your head, there’s no better comfort… dog bless them <3


That’s one big baby! “Please don’t make me go to the vet, no please, no Ma!” This photo was taken the moment he heard the vet coming from behind…. dun, dun, dun!


I don’t know what is cuter, the hug these two are sharing or this dog’s wild hair?!


This dog closes his eyes in a blissful embrace with his beloved owner.


True Life: my dog is bigger than me. I wish we had a picture of this dog licking the guys face with that giant tongue–he’d get his entire face in one lick!


The caring canine is man’s best friend, after all dogs truly bring out the best in all of us.


Growing up there is nothing like having a best friend on four-legs. This cute little girl and her adorable dog know the true definition of love.


“Let me just give you a few more licks…right. in. the. face.”


Snuggle city here we come!


“Please don’t leave me daddy, I Wooofff you!”


Pugs and hugs!


This big dog decides to take a rest atop his owner’s head, mid-hug.



For the love of dogs!


If you think it’s crazy to hug a dog, see what happens when this man tries to hug a lion! 

Photo Credits: Kyle Mackillop, imgur, Steve Garner, imgur, Caters News, Ronin Otter, Gavril Galev, Nseika, Daniel Mihailescu, Christian Muller, Tatyana, Sherry, Cao Terapia, Donie Terry, Mariana Alves, Sabrina Paige, Ricardo Bonilla, Lubos Zakovic, Katherine Sutherland, Reddit, Ashleigh Potter, blackrose