26 Animals Famous For Their Unusual Fur Markings


Animals come in all different shapes, sizes, breeds, and temperaments. They also come with many different kinds of markings. Rarely, an animal is born with markings so unique they appear too good to be true. For instance, the penguin pictured above was amazingly born with a perfect white heart front and center on his chest.

Wild or in captivity, animals with truly unique fur coats are likely unaware of their distinct beauty. After all, penguins don’t value the shape of a heart like us humans do.

Hearts are not the only shape taking animal fur by storm, the mustacheis another popular marking found on felines, dogs, and other furry friends across the planet. Eyebrows and other well-known shapes also take form out of different colored fur, including some rather inappropriate shapes.

You can breed your pet over and over and never get a puppy outlined in hearts. Not only are these incredible animal markings rare, but they also have a lot to do with genetics. Just like the color of your hair or the shape of your eyes, animal markings are formed based on their genetic coding.unusual-animal-markings-52

Dogs that come from patchy parents, or rather animals with multi-colored coats, are the most likely bunch to be born wearing fun patterns. If a mom or dad have unique markings of their own, they are more likely to pass this trait down to their child. Here are 26 of the coolest/funniest animal markings you have ever seen!


This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy went home, and this little piggy went “we-we-we I got the hearts!”


This cute pup is always ready for a night out on the town, wearing his thigh high boots naturally. 


Beware: Feline Looks and acts like spy/hit-man.


“Why is everyone always taking pics of my behind?” Well duh, because even his farts smell like love! 


“But I’m so cute! Why do you want to eat me??????”


“I’m telling you, there’s been a gorilla on my back since the day I was born!” 


Meet the naturally gothic goats…




If you have ever known a horse, you know there’s nothing more powerful than a horse’s heart! 

Love Hearts In Nature

Ma’ looks tired, but she sure is pleased her puppy was delivered wearing her trademark hearts! 


Venus the cat with two faces makes it hard not to stare. 


Don’t mess with a man wearing a full, and perfectly curved, mustache! 


When this ‘weenier’ dog goes to the park they have to sensor his back. 


Holy Cow! 


Heart shaped nose–check, eyeglasses–check!


“The woman on my head tells me to do bad things…”


Here we see the first baby ever to be born with a fully pronounced mustache! 


Well defined eyebrows and mustache–what more could you want?


“Who you calling Hitler?”


2 cats for the price of one! 


The biggest bear has the happiest tummy–he almost never wishes he could see his toes!


To keep his eyebrows looking pristine, this adorable doggy must visit the salon for eyebrow waxes once a month! 


Mustaches make for permanent smiles!


The colors on this routtwiller’s face might be related to a condition known as vitiligo, which causes de-pigmentation of the skin. Regardless, this dog has a truly unique look all his own.


I will take one of each please! If you could adopt any animal in the world, with any type of markings, who would it be and why? 

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