25 Photos Of Shadows That Tell A Different Story


Shadows are used for making puppets, playing tricks, and simply having a good laugh. Some shadows are even good at starting rumors, like the shadow in the picture above. It looks like the 2 passing strangers are about to kiss, but really they are a few feet apart and traveling in opposite directions on the sidewalk.

Perhaps its fate, and one day the couple will be together forever… romantics everywhere can dream, right? Sort of makes you wonder if shadows like this appear for a brief moment throughout your life unnoticed.

These 25 photos prove shadows tell a story all their own…


Shadows are a product of light and dark coming together. Since light can not travel through most solid objects it easily becomes blocked, causing a shadow to form. Your shadow doesn’t always look like you, or the object forming it.

Shadows not only form in small spaces, but blanket entire streets and buildings at certain times of the day. Light can not bend or travel around corners, therefore shadows happen everyday, all of the time.

Ear plugs are apparently musical in more ways than one…


The man that lives beneath the concrete, or the simple reflection of a pasta drainer?


Rumor has it that this workout machine casts a very motivating shadow to all that use it. His downright terrifying face threatens you not to stop… or else!


The Houdini of birds, “Look what I can do guys!”


Perhaps these coffee mugs should be filled with milk to make this picture even more inappropriate…


An Army of Appliances… I can’t help but think of that classic movie, The Brave Little Toaster!


This is how circles turn into hearts.


The day her bundle of laundry turned into a bun in the oven.


By Kindergarten most children have already begun to play around with their shadow, but as we get older we often start to take for granted the shadows all around us. Start looking more closely at the shadows you create in your everyday life, you never know when you will capture the perfect shadow-play picture.


This cute, friendly pup turns into a scary, skinny wolf in his shadow.


Everyday around this time a row of body parts magically appear along this bridge.


Speaking of inappropriate… is this shadow reading his mind?


Fun Shadow Facts: 

-Shadows begin at the start of blocked light, meaning shadows begin at your feet and move up

-You can use shadows to tell time using a sundial

-The length of your shadow will change all day depending on where the earth is in its rotation in proximity to the sun.

-Certain colors reflect light more vividly than others. When white light (or light containing all colors) falls on a certain colored object the light is reflected, causing the object to appear brighter under the glare of the sun. On the contrary, dark objects absorb the light and only appear darker. This is one reason you don’t want to wear black on the hottest day of the year!

Who needs to buy mesh stockings when this table provides the be-witching look for free!


Advertise here? But I think someone else already is…


How suburban kids act bad, they turn their Gatorade into a gun.


This is how you resurrect T-Rex…


Not only is he a bit sunburned, but he’s wearing a see-through bra!



Why is this woman so seemingly afraid of this statue?


….Because she knows he comes alive at night!


No smoking please Sir!


Meet the real Cat Dog


They didn’t know a dinosaur was following them home from school…


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