25 Perfectly Timed Dog Pictures


With iPhone cameras attached to our hands at all times, the world is taking more photos than ever. In proof, check out sites like Instagram and Facebook where billions of photos are shared each year. Speaking of social media, people upload and share photos of their pets all of the time.

If you have dogs you know just how many photos you snap of them on a regular basis– they are just always doing something so cute. The picture craze era has given rise to some perfectly timed photos worth a good belly laugh, and many of these photos feature our favorite furry best friends, dogs of course!

The next time your dog is in action, chasing a ball, running through the yard, or belly slamming into the pool, start snapping your camera for a few minutes and you are sure to get some great photos. Dogs are constantly doing strange things, which means if you simply follow them around all day and take photos here and there, you are sure to get a winner. But that doesn’t mean perfectly timed photos happen every day, that moment when you actually snap the too-good-to-be-true image is incredibly exciting.

Dogs are hilarious, they live in the moment and never worry about looking silly, meaning they provide us ‘self-conscious’ humans with the breath of fresh air we desperately need. Let these 25 dogs be your pick-me-up today. Enjoy 25 of the most perfectly timed dog pictures ever!


Didn’t he ever watch Wile E Coyote try and chase the roadrunner?! It never ends well, dogs just don’t win at this race!


That’s one barking bubilicious pup! Although he’s a bit a disappointed, he thought the bubble would taste better.


Bust-a-move! Can this dog seriously be my new best friend?


Peace. Love. Rebel. Since when do dogs follow the rules anyway?


Who needs Redbull? Chasing after beach seagulls truly gives this dog some wings!



They call this little white dog a heifer, and not because of her size.


When mommy saw this picture of her baby she became slightly concerned before breaking into laughter.


Some tell that fisherman in a tiny bikini to watch out, Dog-zilla is at the beach!




Every boss dog drives a Benz, and wears a checkered button-up.



Some dogs watch enough TV to imitate the stars like true pros. Case and point…


Now open up nice and wide, let me just reach all the way down into your throat…


“I enjoy this restaurant, as they have a semi-decent selection of woof wines.” -One fancy canine


Dogs are positive that nothing is impossible. Want to walk on water? You just have to move fast enough!


Thoughts of an overly optomistic dog: “That bird sure does look friendly, wish he were real so we could be friends…”


To quote an old but famous song, “Where’s your head at?”


Wiener dog crossed with a great dan? Or just a perfectly timed photo?


Like photo, like dog.


This little pug dreams of being a ballerina, but his owner might have other ideas about his future career…


If signs could talk this one would say: “Don’t pee in my mouth and tell me it’s raining!”


“Are they home yet, are they home yet?!?”


You might be thinking this is the baddest dog on the block. Really this cute canine is thinking, “Get me away from that nasty cigarette smoke!”


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