25 Funny Dogs Who Suck At Hide-And-Seek


What does your dog do the moment he or she knows they are going to be in big time trouble? Many dogs will run off and hide, wearing their guiltiest face of course. Once you find them cowering in a corner somewhere it’s hard to stay mad, they are just so cute and innocent acting… when they want to be.

Cats are much better at being sneaky than dogs. My dogs just LOOK guilty after they have done something naughty, and once I figure it out and call them out on it it’s clear as day they know what they have done. My cats are the exact opposite, and they can totally fake me out with a stellar poker face.

Turns out dogs are just as bad at hiding from their owners as they are at lying! Check out this list of hilarious dogs that really suck at hide-and-seek.

1. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me… right?


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2. Dog caught hiding behind a tree


Photo Credit: Ariana Zhang

3. Chameleon Dog


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4. He thinks he is all the way under the bed


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5. Good thing I look just like these stuffed animals

You must admit, she’s one of the best hiders on this whole list!


Photo Credit: boothedog.net

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6. The perfect place for a dog to hide, there’s unlimited food!



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7. Behind the drapes, kind of…


Photo Credit: aplacetolovedogs.com

8. Between the couch cushions

This might almost work if only this dog were a little skinnier. At best someone might mistake him for a pillow…


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9. 1, 2, 3, 4… ready or not, here I come!


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Dogs are much better at finding things than they are at hiding. That’s because dogs have super-sonic noses, while humans have 5 million scent receptors, some dogs have as many as 300 million scent receptors. Dogs use this strong sense of smell to interpret the world around them.

Introduce a dog to a particular scent and they can find it anywhere. Long after someone leaves an area a dog can still smell microscopic traces of their scent left behind.

10. UNDER the couch

This was probably a great hiding spot the first time he used it, but now it’s old news.


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11. Two guilty hiders are no better than one


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12. Hiding like a ghost


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13. Behind the blinds only works if you remember to tuck your tail in


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14. Now you see me, now you don’t


Photo Credit: OneAngryPanda

15. The “I’ve been naughty” drawer


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16. They will never think to look under the bed…


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17. An oversized stuffed animal comes in handy


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18. Peek-a-boo


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19. This couch is haunted by a little white dog


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20. A great place to hide, until someone turns on the dryer!


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21. This trick only works in fall when the leaves turn brown


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22. Ate the whole box and now I need to hide…

Food and a hiding space, the cracker box is a great invention!


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23. Even while trying to hide this dog has guilty written all over his face

The typical expression a dog wears when they know have they have done something wrong, like raid the garbage can or chew up your entire drawer of underwear.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

24. Just turn your dog bed upside down and hooray! instant hiding space


Photo Credit: elesquiu.com

25. Maybe if I just bury myself deep enough here in the sand…


Photo Credit: Dan Habe

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