25 Crazy Cats That LOVE Water


You can’t stereotype people or animals. Case and point… everyone assumes that ALL cats hate water just because a great many of them are not fans of H2O. In the past many attempted cat baths have gone badly for me. I end up with scratches and my partially wet cat runs off to hide in a corner somewhere. But I can put all that behind me now, because I finally found my very own water-loving cat named Soapy!

So despite the common assumption that all cats hate water, turns out there are plenty of kitties out there that absolutely love it. Just take a look at these aqua-adoring cats on our list that clearly prove water does float some cat’s boats.

1. Do you mind? I’m trying to enjoy my bath right now


Photo Credit: my_friends_special_cat

2. Just soaking and relaxing


Photo Credit: reddit

Cats are constantly busy cleaning themselves but most cats don’t want you to give them a bath. It’s believed that cats hate being submerged in water because it causes fur to become waterlogged, which makes your cat feel really heavy.

An even more likely reason cats freak out when they are submerged, or slip and fall, into water is because cats are naturally skittish. Hence why they will panic and go crazy trying to escape, but maybe if they’d only take a moment to relax they would realize they kind of like getting their paws wet–you never know, the cats on this list realized it!

3. The silliest kitty of them all shows us one way to get a drink of water… upside down…


Photo Credit: unknown

4. Face plant into the faucet


Photo Credit: unknown

5. This kitty will go anywhere her favorite friend goes


Iris Grace never wanted to take a bath until Thula came along and showed her there was nothing to worry about. Learn more about the heartwarming friendship of a 5-year-old girl and her therapy cat. 

Photo Credit: Iris Grace Painting

6. Water sure is nice, wanna come in?


Photo Credit: imgur

7. Don’t forget to put on your cap cat before getting in the bath!

One reason cats don’t do well with water is because their ears can easily become infected if water gets trapped in there. This cute little shower cap for cats gets rid of that problem by covering a bathing feline’s ears.


Photo Credit: getcatnipdaily.com

8. One watering hole, 2 amenities: drinking and bathing


Photo Credit: unknown

9. Swimming laps isn’t just for humans, apparently some cats dig aquatic cardio too


Photo Credit: elevin mcdvelve

10. Don’t mind my cat, she’s just washing her paws


Photo Credit: elevin mcdvelve

11. Here Fishy, Fishy


Photo Credit: reddit

12. Judging by his expression, this cat may not like water as much as some of the other cats on this list…


Photo Credit:  elevin mcdvelve

13. Staying hydrated!


Photo Credit: Dech Screen

14. Drinking fountain for felines


Photo Credit: Dech Screen

15. 3 cats, 1 water lover


Photo Credit: Trevsweb

16. Bath time is fun time


Photo Credit: megandiane15

17. Oh yeah, that’s the spot!


Photo Credit: Kent News

18. Don’t let her fool you, she doesn’t like water she just wants to sink her claws in that fish!


Photo Credit: elevin mcdvelve

19. Please, for meowing out loud, make the water come out!!!


Photo Credit: unknown

20. Dancing in the shower


Photo Credit: imgur

21. This cat ensures you never shower alone again


Photo Credit: Priscilla Saynay

22. Just give me a bubble bath and feed me some tuna


Photo Credit: silvo81

23. It looks like someone found Nemo!


Photo Credit: Chris Phillips

24. How many kitties can you fit in one sink?


Photo Credit: reddit

25. Clearly this cat has had a long day…


Photo Credit: Mrs_Noodieburger