25 Beautiful Doors That Seem To Lead To Other Worlds


What does your front door say about you?

The majority of people keep their front door plain and simple, painted a nice shade to match the house with a good-looking doorknob.

A door is a passageway used to walk in and out of places,

but all around the world people are using front doors to do more than just greet guests.

Some doors are so enchanting to look at it,

it seems that by walking through them you might enter a whole new dimension.

Here we take a look at 30 the most beautiful, unique, and awe-inspiring front doors around the world.

1. Valparaiso, ChileValparaiso,-Chile

In this Chile neighborhood front doors often include intricate artwork. Interestingly, graffiti artists pick and choose where they paint their creations, sans permission. They don’t remain entirely anonymous though; many of the prominent street artists sign their work.

2. Burano, ItalyBurano,-Italy

Burano is an island of Venice that is known for wildly colorful houses. This unique front door gives away its true purpose with a newspaper tucked in the handle and an address ‘339’ listed above.

3. Copenhagen, DenmarkCopenhagen,-Denmark

In Demark this front door is adorned with a clutter of birdhouses, each one with a heart on the front. Unfortunately for the birds, there doesn’t appear to be any seeds inside, nor are the peepholes large enough for birds to actually fit inside.

4. JapanGarden-Door-by-Kazuyuki-Ishihara-in-Japan

Gardens and green roofs are speckled throughout Japan. This Garden Door by Kazuyuki Ishihara is incredibly intriguing; entering through this door must surely lead to a secret garden!

5. Shanghai, ChinaShanghai,-China

There is a lot of see and enjoy while visiting China. These elaborately painted doors in Shanghai will help remind you where you are and the cultural heritage that surrounds.

6. Montmartre, Paris, FranceMontmartre,-Paris,-France

Street art is very popular in Paris. This door in Paris appears to be an elaborate display of colorful designs and patterns. But upon closer inspection you can see all of the words that give this door even more symbolic meaning.

7. Chefchaouen, MoroccoChefchaouen,-Morocco

Chefchaouen is a city with a unique look and feel. Back in 1930, Jewish refugees fleeing the oppression of Hitler painted much of the city blue as a reminder of the sky and the heavens beyond.  Today the city remains the bluest city in the world.

8. Santa Fe, New MexicoSanta-Fe,-New-Mexico,-USA

The US has some wonderfully adorned front doors, like in New Mexico where southwestern charm is a big part of the décor.

9. Funchal, Madeira, PortugalFunchal,-Madeira,-Portugal

Follow this young blonde lad into a mysterious world waiting behind this door. Take note of what the boy stands upon; is it earth getting all of its air let out?

10. Sardinia, ItalySardinia,-Italy

This front door proves you don’t have to be 10 different shades of color to stand out. The hunter green door, elaborate knocker, and purple vines make a ‘wow’ statement all on their own.

11. Pollença, Balearic Islands, SpainPollença,-Balearic-Islands,-Spain

Beaches, mountains, and colorful front doors, there’s a lot to see in the tourist town of Pollenca. This door gets your imagination going, the pastel colored designs could stand for anything–angels, butterflies, or whatever you desire.

12. Soho, New YorkSoho,-New-York,-New-York,-USA

Soho is an artsy place, but door number 102 on Greene Street is one of a kind. The late artist William Tarr designed this metal creation for his own home. The bars at the center actually open up from inside so that you can peek out and chitchat without opening the door.

13. Beijing, ChinaBeijing,-China

The artist responsible for this red door located in the 798 art district carefully crafted these Chinese Peonies for a dazzling display.

14. Jaipur, IndiaJaipur,-India

Gold is a prominent and treasured color all over the world; especially in India where these gold doors outlined in bright blue peacocks promise more than just a refuge from the streets.

15. Funchal, Madeira, PortugalFunchal,-Madeira,-Portugal-2

For the mermaid (and merman) in all of us, this front door in Funchal is regal, elegant, and who doesn’t love dolphins?

16. Toronto, CanadaToronto,-Ontario,-Canada

This gorgeous front door in Toronto brings the entire building into the fun, bright yellow decorative statement.

17. Fes, MoroccoFes,-Morocco

The oranges, purples, yellows, and blues blend together just right on this front door in Fes. Before entering this mysterious door, you will find your feet standing on a matching display.

18. Miami, Florida, USAMiami,-Florida,-USA

The door itself isn’t so striking, even with its sweet heart-shaped bars guarding the peachy-tone door. Instead it’s the huge, and almost overpowering collection, of flowers surrounding the door and drawn on the building that captures the eye to #23.

19. Bali, IndonesiaBali,-Indonesia

Talk about colorful! This door almost appears 3-demensional it features so many colors, textures, patters, and perfectly round flowers. At the bottom of the door are 2 dragon-like creatures symbolic to Indonesian culture.

20. Sintra, Lisbon, PortugalSintra,-Lisbon,-Portugal

This door in Sintra practically blends into the moss and vine covered walls it protrudes from. The green front door appears like faded water colors, as if it’s been forgotten, making you even more intrigued about what’s behind the door.

21. German AlpsGerman-Alps

Not all front doors lead to the same interior spaces. In the rolling hills of the German Alps, this old front door swings open to blue waters, peaked mountain tops, and a breathtaking view that no house, hotel, or restaurant could compete with.

22. Unknown Garden DoorUnknown-Garden-Door

This door has an unknown location, but the tidy brown door tucked away behind an abundance of bright pink flowers makes it look like the perfect place to call home.

23. Germagno, Piedmont, ItalyGermagno,-Piedmont,-Italy

Simplicity pays off with these green front doors that match the tone of the purple flower vines dangling from up above.

24. Rabat, MoroccoRabat,-Morocco

At Morocco’s coastal capital no detail is left untouched, even the front doors throughout the city offer intricate details that tell a story without any words.

25. Valloria, ItalyValloria,-Italy

Art is splashed all over the village doors in Valloria, Italy. Where this bright red door shows off the fun of going to the circus.