24 Valentine’s Day Cards For Honest And Unconventional Romantics


This Valentine’s Day, it is projected couples will spend a combined total of $18.9 billion dollars spoiling their better half. All of you guys out there should probably know that 53% of women admit they would dump their significant other if they got nothing for the Hallmark holiday. Hopefully you at least have a good card picked out for the big day.

Are you tired of the conventional “I love you because you’re the best” cards for Valentine’s Day? Year after year of picking through the same mushy gushy selections available at your local Target will start to make you crave something new, a card that is actually real. Sure, you ‘love’ your Valentine, but not “because they are the best.” Let’s be real, there are greater reasons why you call your Valentine “the one.”

For couples and singles with a great sense of humor, these unconventional and honest Valentine’s Day cards are worthy of laughs and love!

1. For all of you gassy romantics out there

For many people it’s a pretty big deal to fart in front of your significant other for the first time!


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2. To the lucky Valentine that deals with an “ass” all too often, and handles it like a true sport


Photo Credit: hellolucky.com

3. There’s only one reason everyone gets out of bed each morning…


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4. Couples that get weird together, stay together


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5. To Put It Simply:


If you only love someone on Valentine’s Day… they are NOT, I repeat NOT a good Valentine!

Photo Credit: kbutkowski

6. Can’t wait to make a mark on my “To Do List”


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7. You + Me = Bowchikkawowow


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8. The perfect card for someone who Googles everything


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9. Here’s one way to cheer up your favorite booty call:


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10. The biggest issue facing first world relationships is addressed in this card:


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11. I love you enough to tolerate you, every. single. day.

Once a relationship moves into ‘serious’ territory, there are bound to be days when all you do is ‘tolerate’ one another.


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12. The card that starts off dishonest and then wraps it all up with blinding honesty


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13. To your favorite pain in the bum

This card could be interpreted a couple different ways…


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14. For every guy (or girl) crowded out of their own closet…


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15. Real talk


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16. You NEVER change the toilette paper roll… but I guess I still love you

This card works as a rather discrete hint if you’ve been trying to train your significant other to change out the TP roll when it’s empty.


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17. I’m lucky to have you, but more importantly you’re lucky to have me!


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18. Have an embarrassing browser history? This card is for you!

I bet at least once you’ve been a little embarrassed about something you’ve looked up online…


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19. Socks and sandals are a fashion no-no, but love has no judgments 

If your lover wears socks with flip-flops this might be the best card ever!


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20. Pillow Talk

You don’t have to love hotdogs to enjoy this card.


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21. For all of you zombie fans out there…


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22. The ultimate way to describe the extent of your love


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23. If you’re creepy and you know it don’t be afraid to show it!


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24. Even the best lovers suck sometimes, but not nearly as much as everyone else


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