24 Incredible Side-By-Side Photos Of Parents And Their Kids At The Same Age


Family resemblance is hard to hide! Genetics are powerful when it comes to determining how you look, grow, and develop, and you get your genetics directly from mom and dad. Plus, growing up watching and learning from your parents only makes you that much more likely to pick up their mannerisms, along with a combination of their physical attributes.

If you are 30-years younger than your parents you might easily see the differences that define you, but side-by-side photos of kids and their parents, or even grandparents, at the same age prove just how clearly we resemble our family members.

These side-by-side photos of parents and their kids at the same age are incredible! No matter how far you travel, or how long it’s been since you last saw your biological parents, you can’t escape the similarities that forever hold families together as one.

1. Father And Son

Time traveler or relatives?!


Photo Credit: reddit

2. Grandmother and Granddaughter


Photo Credit: reddit

DNA determines nearly everything about you, from your physical appearance, body build, eye color, hair color, height, and even the shape of your nose!

You obtain 50% of your DNA from your mother, and 50% from your father. The same is true for your parents before you and so forth. So while you are largely a copy of your parents, you are also given DNA that is unique to you. Depending on what particular DNA you inherit, you may look more or less like certain family members.

3. Father And Son

From the beard to the smile, and even the outfit, this father and son look like twins from different eras!


Photo Credit: gassmaster

DNA comes in a wide variety of different sequences, which alter what you look like and who you are. Both of your parents have unique DNA, from which they randomly pass only some to their offspring. Siblings with the same parents can inherit different DNA from each of their parents, which is why some siblings look more alike than others.

4. Father And Son

Both share the same dark hair, dark eyes, and wide-eyed expression!


Photo Credit: Jen Gevy 

5. Father And Daughter

Bright blue eyes and an even brighter grin make these two clear relatives.


Photo Credit: Clare Reed Rossetto 

6. Father And Son, Each Holding Their Own Sons!

Now here is a generational photo to trip out on…


Photo Credit: reddit

7. Mother And Daughter

The same sweet angelic smile, and haircut!


Photo Credit: reddit

8. Grandmother And Granddaughter


Photo Credit: CurtisMark

9. Mother And Daughter

We know where she gets her gorgeous full lips from!


Photo Credit: Ammie Thakkar

10. Mother And Daughter

This could be the same exact person!


Photo Credit: Rachel Cross

11. Father And Son


Photo Credit: Kate Michalowski

12. Mother And Daughter

Same hair, similar big glasses, both wearing a hood, and standing in the same iconic location… wow!


Photo Credit: blueeyedbadnews

13. Mother And Daughter, Each Holding Their Own Baby


Photo Credit: yessykeena

14. Grandmother, Mother And Daughter


Photo Credit: Stephanie Lightcap 

15. Father And Son

Happiness clearly runs in this family!


Photo Credit: Ashleigh Cooper-Welch

16. Father And Son


Photo Credit: Kelley Ponto

17. Mother And Daughter

Look at those twin teeth, too cute!


Photo Credit: Joelle Delancey 

18. Father And Daughter


Photo Credit: Megan Coe

19. Father And Daughter

These two look like they could be fraternal twins!


Photo Credit: Patricia

20. Father And Daughter


Photo Credit: Corin Kane

21. Mother And Daughter


Photo Credit: Ashley L’Herault Peters

22. Father And Son


Photo Credit: imgur

23. Father And Son

These two are pictured at the same age, and also wearing the same exact shirt.


Photo Credit: wall e

24. Mother And Daughter


Photo Credit: Angelique Mean

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