24 Incredible Historical Moments In Photographs


History is truly incredible, the journeys of those that have been here before us are telling, fascinating, and inspiring. While paintings and writings have been used for years to recap events, there is nothing like a photo to tell a story.

As they say, a photo is worth 1,000 words, but some photos are worth so many more words. These historical photos transport you to another place and time, granting a uniquely clear peek into the past.

1. Out of an entire crowd, one man refuses to do the Nazi salute, 1936.


2. Nikola Tesla working in his laboratory on his “magnifying transmitter.”


3. Adorable Austrian child is overjoyed at receiving new shoes during World War I. 


4. An unknown soldier poses for a picture during Vietnam, 1965.


5. Katherine Switzer is pictured below, the first woman to ever finish the Boston Marathon. She had to try harder than anyone else to complete the race, here you see the race organizers trying to stop her from competing, 1967.


6. Women working hard to deliver some ice in 1918.


7. Albert Einstein pictured just hanging out near the water at Nassau Point, Long Island, New York. The man responsible for the theory of relativity takes a break from his studies to enjoy some summer sunshine in 1939. 


8. This grotto in an iceberg was found and photographed during the British Antarctic Expedition in 1911.


9. A dream diner! Snow White and Pluto just waiting in line for some food at a cafeteria for Disneyland Employees in 1961.


10. Apparently you can never be too safe. This woman pushes along her gas-resistant pram in England in 1938.


11. This is the last known photograph of the Titanic before it sank in 1912.


12. An adorable group of ducks being used as a form of medical therapy treatment, 1956.


13. In 1922 Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s Tomb with the seal still in tact, untouched for 3,245 years.



14. Ever wonder what it is like to paint the Eiffel Tower? Here’s a look at what these brave men endured in order to get the job done back in 1932.


15. The conjoined graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, each buried on different sides of the cemetery wall, 1888. 


16. Hannah Stilley is assumed to be the first-born person ever captured on film. Hannah was born in 1746, and this photo was taken in 1840. She sure looks great for 94!


17. One and a half years before the Beatles hit mega stardom they played at the Aldershot Club for a total of 18 people in 1961. Little did these dancers know just how lucky they were! Hey, just another reason to support your local musicians.


18. The hip-swinging superstar Elvis Presley serving in the army, 1958.


19. These “baby cages” were invented to make sure children living in apartments were getting enough exposure to sunlight and fresh air, 1937. 


20. This photo was taken during the 1920’s. The man is measuring bathing suits in order to make sure they are long enough. Women caught wearing bathing suits considered too short were given a fine at this time in history.


21. Crowds grew and grew, reaching over 400,000 young people, at the first Woodstock concert in 1969. 


22. This is what the streets looked like the first day Sweden changed which side of the road drivers were to use in 1967. 


23. An Armenian woman guards her house with a gun in 1999; she is pictured at 106-years old. 


24. Annette Kellerman was the first woman to promote the right to wear a fitted bathing suit. The Australian film actress, writer, vaudeville star, and professional swimmer looks great in the modest suit, but the world wasn’t ready for the fashion forward beach wear and Kellerman was arrested for indecency in 1907.  


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