24 Creative Gift Ideas For Bird Lovers


With the power of flight, sweet singing voices, and endless variety, birds put many people under a spell. Bird watchers can spend hours watching birds fly about, feeding worms to their babies, and waking the neighborhood with their early morning chit-chat.

The best gifts in the world come from the heart, and what better way to show someone you care about their interests than by giving them a gift that speaks directly to that. These 24 gifts for bird lovers make the perfect present for any occasion.

1. Bird Tree Stacked Measuring Cups 

These adorable measuring cups stack together to create a porcelain tree, complete with little white bird handles.



2. Origami Crane Ring 

For bird lovers that enjoy delicate jewelry, this origami crane ring makes the best gift ever.


3. Umbrella Inspired By A Birdcage 

If it rains a lot where you live, your loved one is sure to get a lot of use out of this awesome bird-cage inspired umbrella, complete with adorable bird detailing.


4. Clock Of Flying Birds 

The perfect way for bird lovers to tell the time, all thanks to your great gift giving!


5. Bird’s Nest Bed 

If you’re working with a generous budget, this bird’s nest is the best gift idea for bird lovers. You can even personalize the colors of the egg-shaped pillows.



Learn more about these giant bird nest beds, including how to order one and for how much money, in one of our recent posts. 

6. Bird Picture Holders 

Who needs plain boring paper clips and photo holders when you can have clips adorned in birds?!



7. Modern Geometric Parrot Lamp 

Gift your favorite bird lover this awesome lamp to light up their room, and life!



8. Owl Warm Your Hands

Fingerless gloves allow you to keep busy while still warming your hands and wrists, and these cute owls make fingerless gloves a real hoot!


9. Humming Bird Party Picks 

Someone who throws a lot of parties will certainly appreciate these adorable humming bird party picks in a variety of pretty colors.


10. Bird Bookmarks

The best way to mark the page is with a lovely bird.


11. Duplex Bird Cage and Aquarium All In One 


12. Rainbow Bird Necklace 

Some bird lovers would rather find a beautiful white bird at the end of the rainbow as opposed to a pot of gold.


13. Birdhouse Key Holder 

Friends don’t let friends lose their keys!


14. The Bird Repeater Watch

This is a pricey watch but it’s incredibly cool with hand-engraved and black ony hand-painted automated birds with 8 distinct movements sure to make someone very happy!


15. Bird Cage Table 

Now this is a creative way to incorporate birds right into the home decor.



16. Owl Tea Infuser 


Check out 19 of the most creative tea infusers for tea lovers.

17. Measuring Spoons For Bird Lovers 

Exact cooking and baking made possible with these adorable bird-themed spoons.


18. Bird Cage T-Shirt 


19. Bird’s Nest Holder For Eggs

I want!!! What a fancy way to serve your guests hardboiled eggs.


20. Bird Wooden Collar Clips 

It takes an extra special person to pull off this look but if you know someone that could rock it, what are you waiting for?!


21. Cockatoo Scarf


22. Songbird Earbuds 


23. Bird’s Nest Ring Filled With Turquoise Eggs


24. A Beautiful Bird Scarf That Gives You Wings

We recently wrote a post about the artist behind these incredible bird-themed scarves. To learn more, check out our post about these beautiful scarves that will give you wings.



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