24 Awesome Dads Winning At Fatherhood


Do you remember what sorts of games you used to play with your dad as a kid? Dads are the greatest; they are strong, funny, and dependable. A dad plays a HUGE role in a child’s life, and every last thing kids do with their dad impacts who they grow up to be. Which is why being a parent is never easy.

Kids are hard work and cause a lot of stress and worry, but these dads know just how to deal with the pressure and make their little ones the happiest of campers. These 24 awesome dads are winning at fatherhood, here’s how!

Little Red Riding Dad 

When his daughter wanted to be the wolf, this dad took one for the team and dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood.


Video Games And Pretty Red Toenails 

This dad lets his daughter paint his toenails while he enjoys a good video game. He makes sure she works over a scrap piece of paper though, wouldn’t want to get any paint on the princess adorned coffee table.


Fitness For Life 

This military dad teaches his babes the fine art of planks, push-ups, and well-defined arms.


Bonding Time On The Subway 

This man may have had a long day at work, but he lets his daughter take a seat while reading her a story.


Surfs Up!

Dad teaches his daughter how to surf like a pro.


Tea Party For Two!

This dad is man enough to happily use a little pink cup, eat plastic fruit and dine with stuffed animals, if that’s what it takes to make his little girl happy.


Father And Daughter Wear Matching Hair-Bows

This dad wears hair-bows simply because his daughter likes him to do so.


Dad Lets Daughter Do His Makeup 

“Oh you look so beautiful Daddy!”


One Strong Dad 

Pull-ups are much more difficult with a baby on your back and two toddlers hanging from your legs; thankfully dads are superheroes, capable of anything!


Hair By Baby


Silly Bath Time With Baby 

Dad decided to delight his baby with a very cool hair style and beard made of soap bubbles.


This Dad Will Do Anything To Teach His Daughter A Lesson…

Including embarrassing himself (and probably his daughter) in Wal Mart. I wonder if she wanted to wear short-shorts anymore after this…


Dad Lets His Little Hercules Push The Cart 

Not sure how far they got before changing roles though…


Dad/Play Mat

Dad wears the perfect shirt to entertain his sons while he takes a quick snooze.


Matching Hair, Don’t Care! 

It’s wild hair and secrets on the stairs for for these two buddies.


Dad Keeps Baby Calm For Photo Shoot 

This dad lies perfectly still so that his baby will keep still and calm for her first photo shoot. This reminds me of photos from the olden days, when mother’s would wear a big blanket and hold their babies so that they would hold still and be good for professional photos.


Hillbilly Sleigh Rides Via Mattress 


Daughter Wants A Swing So Dad Becomes A Swing 


Video Games With Dad 

The kids don’t know the controllers are unplugged…


As Long As Baby Is Sleeping Dad Doesn’t Care How


Pink Table Party 

This table might be a little small but this dad doesn’t mind if he gets to spend time with his pink-loving princess.


My Sweater Is Your Sweater 


Dads Make The Best Coaches 


Dads Also Make The Best Chairs 


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