23 Times Pedestrians Messed With Statues…And It Was Downright Hilarious


Statues are monuments, attributed to someone or something important. Due to their significance (and often times high cost) people treat statues like precious cargo. This means the comedy behind statues is often missed because we are so busy looking at them in a serious light.

Sometimes just the right person walks on by, and an idea is sparked, turning an ordinary statue into a hilarious and more lively representation of life. Some of the most unexpected statues can be downright hilarious with the right additions. By superimposing yourself into a statue, or group of statues, you can change the entire meaning of it. Something sweet and sentimental can be made passive-agreesive or scary, and visa-versa.

So the next time you pass a statue and have an idea, tell your buddies– “hey take a picture of me doing this!” You just never know, your statue pose could go viral!

After being posted to various social media outlets, these 23 images have tickled the world pink with belly laughter. After all, the best way to mess with anyone–statues included– is to do so with comedy!


1. Grapes straight off the vine? Don’t mind if I do! 


2.  “Back off little girl, he’s mine!” Apparently this young woman dreams of stealing fathers from little girls, she acts out her fantasy (full force!) on this city statue. While this scene would be cause for concern in real life, it is hilarious when mimicked with statues.


3. Don’t let her pink coat fool you, this chick is brave, and beary trusting of local wildlife!



4. For a moment this image makes you think: who is the statue? A closer look proves spiderman is real and the whole city is in danger if he doesn’t stop messing around! 


5. Even after he sobers up tomorrow, his friends will never let him live this one down. “Remember that one time you got your head stuck in a statue’s butt?” 


6. “I’ll dance with her, she’s just my size!” A statue never looked so cute!


7. Swing batter, batter–judging by the look on this kid’s face he really did knock his head on the batt. 


8. Why Look at that! This statue’s hands were built especially for holding a smart phone. (The kid in the background, wearing a North Face parka, is trying to get the attention of the wrong statues! Clearly, the cool crowd is behind him.) 


9. That’s one tough snowman! Santa sure would be proud. Let’s just hope that’s not a fire breathing dragon, otherwise it’s only a matter of seconds before Mr. Snowmen goes bye-bye. 


10. “Who you calling an angel?!” This guy messed with the wrong statue! 


11. Princess of the goats at your service! 


12. Neither of them got the hand placement quite right… but this seems like a dance sequence, wish I could see what comes next. 


13. If only the man in blue had a top hat and briefcase, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart!


15. Note to the man wearing a yellow beanie: picking on statue children does not make you look tough. 


16. Real men fly around on big birds… didn’t you hear? 


17. Shortly after he was arrested for getting all of the statues drunk. 


18. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 


19. The most famous high-five this guy has ever gotten–score! 


20. Stay away from the statue wearing the white hat– he is known to pull hair! 


21. These 2 think that the statues are laughing with them…


22. These 2 started dating shortly after they first met… as you can clearly tell, it was love at first sight! 


23. Didn’t your mother ever warn you not to mess with statues twice your size?