22 Soldiers On Their Days Off


No matter where you are stationed being a soldier is no easy job. For one you have to leave your family and loved ones behind for an unknown destination that may or may not be safe. If you are stationed somewhere like Afghanistan there is the horribly high heat to deal with, and not a Dairy Queen in sight for a quick, refreshing snack; although uncomfortable temperatures are the least of these heroic individuals’ worries.

Someone has to do the hard work that comes with being a solider. After all we wouldn’t have our freedoms without the brave men and women that risk their lives everyday in the name of being a soldier. It’s been said many times that the best medicine is humor, and these soldiers prove just how true that is! Check out how these 22 awesome soldiers combat homesickness, worry, loss, and unimaginable stress on their days off.

1. Quiditch Practice 


2. Mustache Soldiers 

I mustache you, how do I use this gun?


3. Chameleon and the Couch 


4. What Happens When Soldiers Go Robotic 


5. Roller Coaster Staircase 


6. Army Knights

Who needs horses and swords when you have bikes and plungers?


7. Tree Made Of Weaponry 

This tree looks too pretty to be made of bullets and other weaponry. The soldiers even remembered to add the presents below!


The U.S. military utilizes some pretty crazy bullets; depleted uranium bullets enter an object, such as an armored vehicle, and automatically increases in sharpness until catching on fire and causing an all-out explosion.

8. Something Isn’t Right Here…


9. Even Soliders Get Bieber Fever! 


10. The Safest Day To Ride The Carousel 


30 of all 43 US presidents served in the army, although less than 28% of Americans between 17 to 23-years old are qualified to join the military. Regardless, the Department of Defense is the largest employer in the US with over 1.8 million employees. After WWII the Department of War was renamed to the Department of Defense.

11. How To Trap A Soldier 

Or a REALLY bag mouse… I’ve seen how big the spiders in the Middle East are, who knows what the mice look like!


Everyday the Coast Guard confiscates over 160 pounds of marijuana and over 300 pounds of cocaine– totaling roughly $9.5 million dollars. Speaking of money, you won’t find any pennies on a military base. This is because pennies are too heavy to ship and so they are not an accepted form of payment on military bases around the world.

12. Clearly Soldiers LOVE Quiditch

These 2 work on their game for the upcoming Quiditch match!


13. Indian Headdress Made Of Guns  


The original mapping of America was conducted by military troops, the actual Lewis and Clark Expedition included many Army officers.

14. Ho, Ho, Ho, A Merry Military! 

When it’s too hot to take the sled, Santa flies in helicopter style.


15. One Badass Solider 

What grass? You mean this grass?


16. New Army Transportation

Does it look safe and secure to you?


The US military uses a highly advanced type of velcro that makes 95% less noise when ripped.

17. Bubble Time! 

You’re never too old to enjoy good old soapy bubbles.


18. You Iron, I Shoot! 

Meet the domesticated side of military life.


19. Human Missiles 


20. Homemade Vacation 


Apparently the military has homemade a number of things, including a supercomputer that was compiled from 1,760 PlayStation 3 devices. At over couple-hundred dollars for every PS3 system, this sounds like one pricey computer, but according to the reasoning behind the decision it was actually more cost effective and “green.”

21. Hello Honey, Love Your Mask! 


22.Yum-Yum In My Tum-Tum!


A special thanks to all of our men and women currently serving in the military, or who have served in the past, we wouldn’t have the same quality of life without you!

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