These 22 Photos Will Make You Fall In Love With Foxes


If you’ve ever laid eyes on a fox, I’m sure you’ve already fallen in love with the furry little creatures.

Their big ears, round eyes, and long bushy tails have made them some of the cutest animals around, and, they’ve definitely gotten round.

Foxes are currently found on every continent except Antarctica.




While they look similar to dogs, they technically aren’t of the same species. However, they are part of the canidae family, which also includes dogs, wolves, and similar creatures.


They’re small to medium sized animals and have slightly smaller stature than a medium-sized domestic dog.


Currently, only 12 species belong to the Vulpes genus of “true foxes”, but 25 other species of animals are regularly referred to as foxes.



The most common type of fox is the Red fox, which sports an auburn-colored coat, usually with white markings on the end of its tail.


However, foxes come in all shapes in sizes, ranging in color from snow-white to steely dark-grey.


They’ve been introduced to many different locations and have adapted to a variety of climates.



For example, the Fennec fox, and other species of fox adapted to desert life, have large ears and short fur.


On the other hand, the Artic fox features a thick insulating coat and tiny little ears.


Foxes have even adapted to urban environments. Many species have been labeled as “resident urban carnivores” for their ability to sustain their populations while completely within urban boundaries.


Unfortunately, many species are now endangered, hunted for their beautiful pelts, other types of trade, or control.



Yet some humans have taken such a liking to those furry faces that they’ve tried to domesticate them. Red foxes in particular have been attempted to be made fit for human companionship, but there’s rarely been any sign of sustained domestication.




Recently though, using specific breeding techniques, the Russian silver fox has shown visible and behavioral signs of domestication. Some have become much tamer, allowing humans to pet them and whimpering for affection.

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As loved as they are in real life, foxes are also a common folklore symbol. They tend to symbolize cunningness and trickery, and are featured as trickster characters in myth and folklore.


Regardless of what type of fox it is, it’s no surprise that these furry creatures have managed to find a permanent place in our hearts.



Photo Credits: Roeselien Raimond,, Igor Shpilenok, Wenda Atkin, Edwin Kats, Igor Shpilenok, Roselien Raimond, Ivan Kislov, Jim Cumming, Einar Gudmann, Roeselien Raimond, Francisco Mingorance, Edwin Kats, Igor Shpilenok, Remo Savisaar, Robert Adamec, Dan Dinu, Micheal Eastman, Kai Fagerstrom, William Doran