22 Mysterious Forests I’d Love To Get Lost In


Any large area covered with trees and undergrowth technically defines a forest. For such a bland definition, a forest holds so much more mystery and intrigue. For centuries, forests have captivated the human imagination. Just think about, there’s a forest in at least half of all fairy tales and horror stories.

I’d love to get lost in any of the forests on this list, although some are much creepier than others. Don’t mistake me for brave, I would at least like a tall black horse, (or a tall, handsome man ;)) to help me navigate these mysteriously creepy forests.

1. Otzarreta Forest, Basque Country, Spain

This well known forest is located in Gorbea Nature Park in Biscay, Basque, Spain.


Photo Credit: Javier de la Torre

2. Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

Located in southwestern Bulgaria, Rila is the highest mountain range in all of Bulgaria. The highest peak is Musala at over 9,000 feet tall.


Photo Credit: Xiao Yang

3. The Moss Swamp In Romania


Photo Credit: Adrian Borda

4. Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic


Photo Credit: Jan Bainar

5. White Carpathians


Photo Credit: Janek Sedlar

6. Hallerbos, Belgium


Photo Credit: Kilian Schönberger

7. Chinese Hemlock Trail, Tapingshan, Taiwan

The Chinese Hemlock Trail is a short path that travels uphill through an old, dense forest. It isn’t easy to reach the top of the seemingly endless steps, but doing so reaps great rewards. A large overlook platform at the top offers breathtaking views that stretch as far as Dabajian Mountain.


Photo Credit: Justin Jones

8. Czech Republic


Photo Credit: Jan Machata

9. Misty Forest


Photo Credit: SEO

10. North Greenwich, London, England

Looks like the type of place you might run into Alice, the rabbit, and maybe even a Cheshire cat.


Photo Credit: Andy Linden

11. Somewhere Lovely In Italy


Photo Credit: Leonid Litvac

12. Stanton Moor, Peak District, UK

The location of this mysterious forest is full of beauty, charm, and even some historical remains. The most famous artifact in the area is the Nine Ladies Stone Circle, which is believed to be the remains of a much larger ceremonial site.


Photo Credit: James Mills

13. Mysterious Forest In Germany


Photo Credit: Kilian Schönberger

14. Haute-loire, France

This gorgeous region of France is named after the Loire River that runs through it.


Photo Credit: Bastien Bajduk

15. Crooked Forest In Poland


Photo Credit: Faberovsky On

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16. Hallerbos, Belgium


Photo Credit: Kilian Schönberger

17. Arashiyama, Japan

These scenic bamboo trees host a whole crew of adorable monkeys.


Photo Credit: Hidenobu Suzuki 

18. Monforte De Lemos, Galicia, Spain

Monforte de Lemos is a lush and beautiful city located in Spain. The Cabe River travels through the city, and some of the most scenic spots can be found out in nature.


Photo Credit: mirinha

19. Ghost Tree Forest Mt. Seymour, British Columbia

When these trees become covered in snow they resemble giant ghosts, monsters and sometimes even prehistoric dinosaurs! In fact, they look more like characters from a Disney movie than snow-covered trees.


Photo Credit: Erica Smith

20. Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland

Old world history, natural beauty, and endless wildlife entertain all day in Glendalough.


Photo Credit: Renee Summers

21. Rain Forest, Lynn Canyon, British Columbia


Photo Credit: Erica Smith

Wanderers, dog walkers, photographers, travelers, and lost pedestrians all find themselves in a forest at some point or other. The next time you wander down a tree-littered path, I hope you see something as beautiful as any one of these mysterious forests around the world.

22. Kvacianska Dolina, Slovakia


Photo Credit: Petr Zalesak

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