22 Little Kids And Their Big Dogs


While some large sized dogs can look enormous and even fearsome when compared to small children, large or giant dog breeds can make fantastic family pets.

Many are great with children and can be a wonderful addition to the family.

Several types of sizeable dogs are known to be loving, tolerant, and protective, looking after children as if they’re their own.

And an added bonus: large dogs and kids look absolutely adorable when side by side.kids-dogs-12





Pets have proven to make great family companions, especially when the household includes children. Not only do most kids adore the furry faces of animals, but pets can offer a very loving form of companionship and have even been shown to aid in child development.




Having a pet can help children with many emotional aspects. They’re accepting, non-judgmental, and love unconditionally, making them a perfect friend for kids who may be less outgoing and have trouble socializing.



Having animals around children can also promote learning. As children grow, they may become more interested in their pet(s) and encouraged to read about them, take part in an obedience class, or tag along on a trip to the veterinarian.




Having a pet can help children gain a sense of responsibility and develop self-esteem when they help take care of the animal(s). Of course, when assigning pet responsibilities, it’s important to ensure that the tasks are age appropriate.




There are also many physical benefits of having children interact with pets. Taking animals on walks or having them fetch balls can help kids stay active. By taking part in tasks like scooping food, pouring water into dishes, and tossing Frisbees, pets can help children develop fine motor skills.



Many dogs do very well with children. However, while all breeds may have the potential to do well in a family with kids, some are more notable for being good with children than others. For example, the Labrador Retriever has a reputation for being great with kids; they love to please their humans, are playful, protective, and loving. Newfoundlands, very large dogs, are also great with children. They’re extremely tolerant of kids and are also usually gentle and loving.





However, some larger breeds are not as recommended for a family with children. Various types of guard dogs or herders can s be anxious and over protective around children. On the other hand, some smaller dogs, with tendencies towards nipping and aggression, also aren’t suggested. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that, regardless of the breed, no two dogs are exactly alike.


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