22 Big Dogs Caring For Little Kids


In America, more than 62% of residents have a family pet, 83.3 million of these people have a dog. That means a whole lot of kids get the chance to grow up with an awesome friend by their side: a dog.

Dogs and children are among the most beautiful, innocent creatures on earth. Dogs love and care for their pack members (aka your family) unconditionally, and they also help teach us some of the more important lessons in life, like never take anything too seriously. And when it comes to babies and children, many dogs will prove you don’t have to be from the same species to fall in love.

These 22 kids are sure to look back on their first furry canine friend with love, appreciation, and nostalgia. Until then, enjoy how cute they look hanging out with their caring best bud, the loyal family dog.


Dogs and children make the best of friends for so many reasons. For one, dogs and children share the same playful qualities, offering them endless fun to partake in together. While dogs can make almost all adults at least crack a giggle, they can make all children howl with laughter and joy.


As kids get older they can start helping to take care of the dog to gain immense responsibility. If you grew up with a dog you know how special the connection was you shared. They become an engrained part of your childhood, without them nothing would have been the same.

I still remember my first dog, she was not big like the dogs featured in this post, and instead she was a tiny American Eskimo. I named her Nala and adored her to bits. Sometimes we would run through the yard jumping over obstacles I would set up (I was pretending she was a horse of course), and other times I would just sit and squeeze her tight. She didn’t care what we did, she was my best friend on 4-legs.

That’s what animals do for us; they provide a friendship unlike any other. Well-trained and obedient dogs are full of respect and incredibly intelligent. Some even act like mommy’s little helper when the new baby arrives, conjuring up the natural maternal instinct within each canine.



Forget about the baby, check out the legs and tush on that dog!


Seriously, whose decision was it to have this kid?! And can one of you parents help me out over here?!


“But..but… what is it!?”


Despite the adorable quality dogs and children have when they are together, it’s important to note how careful you must be when combining dogs and kids. Not all dogs react to babies the same way, careful supervision is always recommended!


This baby has found the perfect bed, I wonder if the dog knows how to get up without harming the sleeping infant.


Such a beautiful image!


There is nothing like a Golden Retriever, hands down one of the best breeds out there–but with 2 of my own I am admittedly biased.


Dog moms are very dedicated, for the first 8 weeks after delivering her puppies, she will spend all of her time feeding, tending to, and cleaning up after them.


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