22 Adorable Before And After Pictures Of Animals Growing Up


Pets are family members, as they grow and age you fall more in love with them. Each day you get to learn more about your pet’s unique personality–what makes them tick, what can they NOT be trusted with, and their favorite way to cuddle.

Just like people, animals age and grow, turning into grown ups with the same glitter in their eye that they had as a baby. Even if there is a 100+ pounds difference, you can always see the resemblance. This is why before and after pictures of animals growing up are so much fun!

Animals grow at such a rapid pace, if you don’t document the changes they will be a full-fledged grown up before you can say–“who let the dogs grow up?”

You grow and learn right alongside your pets, you might have been a completely different person the day you and your pet became family. The same is true for animals, as they get to know you and their environment, they learn and change too. Always retaining that amazingly lovable quality.

These 22 before and after pictures of animals prove that no matter how big or small your furry friends are, they are always 100% adorable!

1. Never too big to pile on top of one another–although the dog on bottom notices a big weight change over the last 3 months!


Photo Credits: Reddit

2. Both canine and human have aged 10 years between these photos.

pets-before-after-1Photo Credits: Imgur 

3. This precious little rescue kitty cat has aged 5 months–she’s just delighted she can still fit in the camera bag!

cat5monthsapartPhoto Credits: Imgur

4. This kitty thinks her toy is getting smaller and smaller–really she just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

pets-before-after-13Photo Credits: Reddit

5. It only took 1 year for this cat to explode in size. Despite her newly obtained weight she still prefers to remain perched on her owner’s shoulder.


Photo Credits: imgur.com 

6. Throughout one year this pup continued to grow, never getting too big for his favorite sleeping spot!


Photo Credits: imgur.com

7. Over a span of 10 years this boy and his dog have aged together–and it looks like mom & dad upgraded the book shelf too.

pets-before-after-22Photo Credits: Reddit.com 

8. “And they thought I’d grow out of this–dream on!” 6 months later and this orange kitty still wants to sleep in the sink.


Photo Credits: reddit.com 

9. While deployed in Afghanistan this solider found Donny, 5 months later they remain the best of friends.

pets-before-after-5Image Credits: Daily Mail UK

10. These photos were taken 14 years apart, representing over a decade of incredible friendship.


Photo Credits: Imgur

11. It only took 5 months for this pup to start taking up the whole bed!

pets-before-after-33Photo Credits: Imgur

12. So barking cute!!!


Photo Credits: Unknown

13. 7 months later this gorgeous pup decided to open his eyes for his glamour shot.


Photo Credits: Imgur

14. Giant pet turtles can live way longer than cats and dogs–we can’t wait until the next photo of this pair comes out in 17 years.


Photo Credits: Reddit

15.It looks like these two goofballs switched poses for their after photo taken 21 years later!

Pets16Photo Credits: Imgur

16. From half-way grown to full-grown, this pair grew a lot in 4 years!

pets-before-after-61Photo Credits: Imgur

17. 3 years later and these puppies turned into dogs remain the best of friends!


Photo Credits: Imgur

18. Then and now–this owner still enjoys snuggling with his pup, but due to his dog’s growing size it’s not so comfortable anymore.


Photo Credits: Imgur

19. Friends that sleep on the floor together, stay together!

pets-before-after-38Photo Credits: Dog Heirs

20. He loves his kitty–but we bet his mom made him take the first and second picture, 17 years later.

pets-before-after-222Photo Credits: Reddit

21. This adorable dog thinks his house is shrinking. “I swear I used to be able to fit right here…”


Photo Credits: Imgur

22. 12 years later and this duo still takes a great selfie!


Photo Credits: Imgur