22 Adorable Animal Family Portraits


Animals depend on their families, just like humans do. Humans are not the only ones that find a mate to stay with for life, a number of different animals do the very same thing. Together these pairs have children, raise a family, and basically live a life more similar to us than we often assume.

Animal families are so very cute, highlighting the precious love that vibrates all throughout life here on planet earth. These 22 animal families are sure to make your heart melt!

Cheetah Family 

This mama has a lot of baby cheetahs to feed!


Lion Siblings Watch After New Baby Cub In Kenya 


Humans spend a lot of money having their family portrait professionally taken, but these adorable animal families are so cute wild life photographers snap pictures free of charge!

Group Hug! 

The babies are all smiles clinging tight to Mama Meerkat!  Meerkats don’t just live together in families but they often live together in communities made up of multiple families. Meerkats make great team members, they all work together serving different roles to keep safe and thrive.


Mommy, Daddy and Baby Monkey  

Monkeys are emotional creatures with the capacity to love and care for others just like humans. This fact is made apparent through this touching family portrait.


We Are Family! 

Well, I don’t know about the mule on the far left… but the rest of you pass for related!


Big Bear Family 

Bears usually only have one cub at a time, it looks like this mama is hanging out with her kids and maybe some extended family too!


Sleepy, Sleepy Hippos 

Baby is only the size of mom and dad’s heads, he sleeps safely pressed between their two loving snouts. Baby still has a long way to grow, hippos are the 3rd largest land mammal, weighing a hefty 7,900 pounds on average.


Foxy Kisses 


Mamma Squirrel 

This baby squirrel is so tiny she doesn’t even look like a squirrel yet. Mommy squirrel carries her baby around with such loving care. For the first few months baby squirrels are entirely dependent upon mom. Baby squirrels are completely blind when they are born, but adult squirrels have excellent vision!


A Safe, Warm Space To Sleep

This mother keeps her little winged babies safe beneath the weight of her wings.


Romantic Family of Prairiehond

Even prairiehonds have their romance interrupted by needy children.


Giraffes Enjoying The Newest Addition To The Family 

The tallest mammal in the world, the giraffe usually travels in packs of around 12 long-necked beauties.


Family of Owls 

Just look at the peepers on those baby owls–so cute!!


Sleepy Time 

Mom can always make the bad dreams stop.


One Proud Mommy 

This dog can’t stop staring at her precious baby pup, not even long enough to snap a family portrait!


Racoon Pile 

These adorable raccoons can’t seem to get close enough to one another.


I Heart Penguins 

Unlike bears and a number of other animals, male and female penguins share the responsibility of raising their children together. This mom and dad look at their baby with loving affection, their heads bowed into the perfect shape of a heart.


Kitty & Mommy 

“She’s getting into everything… I can’t stop her…”


A Pack of Pups 


Mamma Cuddles Her Baby Polar Bear 


Polar Bear Family Portrait 


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