21 Year Old Photographer Captures Wanderlust In Magnificent Landscapes


At only 21-years old Elizabeth Gadd is already making waves with her breathtaking photography. The self-taught photographer seeks adventures in remote, beautiful locations where she snaps one incredible photo after another. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Gadd attributes her love of natural landscapes to the beauty she grew up around. Long before she was a photographer, Gadd was a dedicated explorer.

As a self-proclaimed “animal nerd,” Gadd originally began taking photos of her pets back in 2007. It wasn’t until 2010 that she got more serious about her photography, embarking on a yearlong project that included taking one new self-portrait every single day. When her 365-days of photos came to an end she realized her natural talent included taking landscape photography featuring people, usually just one person, and sometimes animals too.

Gadd’s photos spark an undeniable desire to travel, and explore. Check out some of her greatest photos below!


Gadd is an explorer, which she largely attributes to growing up in Vancouver, Canada. Here, she has always been surrounded by scenic mountains, forests, and fields, which contain a unique beauty she loves to seek out and explore.


Gadd’s journey to becoming a photographer started out a number of years ago. Before she started taking incredible landscape images, Gadd busied herself taking portraits of her pets. Soon after her love of photography sparked the idea to document her own adventures through scenic landscapes she routinely explored.


Gadd has enjoyed wandering through remote locations for years, but it wasn’t until around 2010 when she actually started taking photos of these adventures. Her images are simply incredible, and have since gone viral.


Gadd doesn’t always stay confined to Canada; recently she traveled all around Iceland exploring the magical sights wearing a now famous red dress. Over the course of two weeks she created “The Icelandic Red Dress Series.”

Wearing a red dress couldn’t have been a better choice for the project, as it stands out in such a way. Gadd writes on her blog about this project in particular, “These photos have been some of my most personal I’ve ever taken, for the thoughts behind them.”


Gadd considers herself to be an introvert, someone that prefers the sidelines as opposed to the heat of the action, an individual guilty of ignoring many get-togethers in exchange for hanging out alone. Taking these photos has caused Gadd to truly step out of her comfort zone, and as a result she has learned to create incredible photography as well as a new sense of freedom within her heart.



Many of her photos are self-portraits because she spends a lot of time exploring beautiful, serene locations without anyone else in sight. In fact her favorite places of all are the places she wanders all alone, and sometimes with her two dogs in tow.


The free spirit didn’t sign up for any fancy photography courses or seek guidance from any gurus in the field, instead Gadd taught herself everything she knows about taking pictures. Gadd revealed in an interview with Phlearn, “Everything I learned came simply from hours of experimentation, the most effective method being taking on a ‘365 project.’ I hope when people look at my photos, they can feel what I felt while taking them.“



On Gadd’s Facebook page she describes her life, “I spend most of my time hiking with my dogs and camera, travelling, photo shooting, editing, marketing, and attempting to make it in this world as an artist… Otherwise, you can usually find me on a couch somewhere eating lots of chocolate.”













Keep up the awesome photography Elizabeth Gadd your work is truly remarkable!

Photo Credits: elizabethgadd.comFacebookFlickr