These 21 Photos Prove Reptiles Can Be Cute Too


There are many animals that come to mind when you hear the word ‘cute.’ Fluffy ponies, furry kitties, cuddly puppies…but about a slimy lizard, or a funky frog? Turns out, reptiles are incredibly cute, much cuter than the world gives them credit for.

Sure, instead of super soft fur they have scaly skin, but they also have personality, charm, and unique beauty that actually oozes with cuteness once you give them a chance. You must be careful because some reptiles are poisonous, but soft and silky cheetahs can attack and kill too!

If reptiles are not your favorite creatures in the animal kingdom, these 21 photos just might start to change your mind and warm your heart to reptiles.

1. Offering A Helping Hand 


2. Teeny Tiny Baby Chameleon 


There are 6 basic groups of animals, and reptiles are one of them. Reptiles belong to the class ‘Reptilia’ and include lizards, snakes, tuatara, crocodilians, and turtles.

3. Gecko Clinging To Fingertip


Speaking of fingertips, did you know the scales that cover reptiles are made up of a hard substance know as keratin, which is also found in human hair and fingernails.

4. Turtle Sharing The Love Via Heart-Shaped Strawberries 

Sierra Exif JPEG

Reptiles are a cold-blooded species descending from ancestral amphibians dating back some 340 million years.

The two factors that helped reptiles survive throughout the years:

-Their ability to lay hard-shelled eggs.

– And, their scaly skin which protects them from abrasion and a loss of body moisture.

5. Gorgeous Gecko


6. Happy-Go-Lucky Little Yellow Ray Of Sunshine


There are over 8,240 different species of reptiles. Reptiles thrive on every continent of the globe except Antarctica. Since reptiles are cold-blooded they rely solely on external sources of heat, such as the sun, for all of their warmth. Since they don’t burn energy creating their own heat, reptiles eat 30 to 50 times less food than mammals of similar size.

7. Small But Mighty


The gender of many reptiles is dependent upon the temperature during fertilization or during the middle of the third embryonic development stage.

8. Wide-Eyed Friendly Turtle 


9. Flower Loving Bearded Dragon 


10. It’s All Smiles For This Leopard Gecko 


11. This Little Croc Gives Away Smiles For Scratches 


12. The Heart Of A Lizard


Research on reptiles proves that they have maternal instincts, complex parental behaviors, engage in play with one another, and they also experience stress, as well as a number of other emotions.

13. Mrs. Beauty Pageant Model


14. This Cute Reptile Clearly Has Plans To Dominate The World


15. Marital Bliss, Lizard Style


Lizards, snakes and worm-lizards are considered Squamata, the most diverse reptile group including over 7,600 species still in existence today. Squamata fossils date back to the start of the Jurassic Period. Squamates have scaly skin that sheds every so often, and jointed skulls and jaws that allow them to capture large prey.

16. Very Small Western Blind Snake 


Snakes are a great source of fear for many people; despite the fact most snakes are 100% harmless. In fact, of the approximately 3,000 different species of snakes, only a few hundred are poisonous. More Americans die each year due to stings from bees and wasps than from snakebites.

17. Prancing Baby Alligator 


18. Mom Gives Her Happy Baby A Fun Ride Atop Her Head 


19. Newborn Baby Sea Turtle


Turtles are one of the oldest reptiles still in existence today. Turtles first appeared around 200 million years ago and have since changed very little in appearance.

20. The Face of An Overjoyed Chameleon 


21. The Smile Of The Year 


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