21 Frozen Cars That Winter Transformed Into Art


Waking up to see snow outside your window is exciting, but only momentarily. Then, you remember that before you leave for work you have to clear out the driveway, and clean up your snow-covered car. Brushing snow off is the easy part; it gets tricky when you have to use a scrapper to get that super stubborn ice off of your window.

If you are new to really cold weather it can be quite shocking to walk outside and see your car completely encased in ice. Yet for those that call cold regions home, it’s simply a sight (and task) that comes with winter.

Every once in a while you get lucky though, and as you walk outside all bundled up with shovel and pick in hand, you see something that makes the extra hard work very much worth it… a beautiful surprise showcasing winter’s best artwork.

Check out these 21 cars that winter transformed into art!

1. Ice Feathers

The owner of this car writes, “One morning last month my car had been ice feathered.”


Photo Credit: imgur.com

2. Frozen Bubbles


Photo Credit: imgur.com

3. Frozen Car Window

Looks like tiny shards of beautifully broken glass…


Photo Credit: imgur.com

4.What Your Car Looks Like The Morning After The Ice Fairies Skate All Over It

No, but seriously, that’s exactly what the icy patterns on this car remind me of, delicate little ice skating fairies!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

5. Spider Webs Coated In Ice

The chill of winter brings to life the beautiful elegance of a silk thread spider web, which might otherwise go unnoticed.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

6. One Roll Of Snow, Please!

The owner of this car writes, “Snow on my car windshield rolled itself up.” Looks like a yoga mat!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

7. This Design Covered The Whole Car

The car’s owner writes, “My whole car was covered like this. Never seen it before, but I like it.” We like it too!


Photo Credit: imgur.com

8. The Coolest Coldest Car In The Parking Lot

Hope no one is planning to drive this car anytime soon…


Photo Credit: pbase.com

9. Gorgeous Frost Detailing On Car Window

The owner of this car writes: “Frost on my car window, looks like wings or something.”


Photo Credit: imgur.com

10. Frozen Mercedes Emblem


Photo Credit: unknown

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11. Frost Detailing


Photo Credit: 

12. Looking Out From Inside Of A Frosty Car

The icy windows cast all kinds of colors when caught in the eye of the sun’s rays.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

13. Frozen Trees, Frozen Cars, Frozen Everything…


Photo Credit: cicciobello-bobo.deviantart.com

14. Perfect Configurations

The owner of this car writes, “My car was vandalized… by ice fairies!”


Photo Credit: imgur.com

15. More Beautiful Designs Drawn By Frost

This truck owner’s nephew writes, “How the Virginia frost settled on the hood of my uncle’s truck.”


Photo Credit: imgur.com

16. Ice Coating Car Wheel Looks Like Sunflower

The center of this wheel has been transformed into a sunflower, or you could also say it looks like the sun. Either way, these summer treasures must be stopping by in the dead of winter to say hello, and see you soon.


Photo Credit: imgur.com

17. Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


Photo Credit: Danny O’Brien

18. Intricately Raised Frost Pattern Adorns Car With Winter Festivity


Photo Credit: imgur.com

19. Car Antenna Decorated In Frozen Ice

I wonder if that interferes with reception…


Photo Credit: David Freebourn

20. That’s One Iced Out Jeep

That looks pretty awesome…


Photo Credit: gentlemanbro.tumblr.com

21. For All Of You VW Fans Out There

frozen car

Photo Credit: miauu

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