21 Elderly People Who Know Exactly What They’re Wearing


Old people are the greatest, they are loving, experienced at the game of life, and downright hilarious, regardless if they mean to be or not.

Old people have earned a reputation for being sweet and innocent, Grandmother’s bake cookies and Grandfather’s work on their coin collections… right?! For anyone that knows REAL elderly people, the truth is that they are just as badass as any 18-year old. In fact, the elderly individuals featured on this list might be more hardcore than your average youthful twenty-something.

These Grandmas and Grandpas know EXACTLY what they are wearing, a hilarious t-shirt you can only get away with once you have a full face of wrinkles. These old people might fool you with their innocent smiles, but their raunchy clothes have a different story to tell.

Get ready to laugh, and then call your Grandparents, because these ‘old geezers’ still have it going on!

The best shirt at the whole airport is worn by this cool dude, who is probably named Dick… then again, what if that’s not his name?!


She might wear a sweet smile but her sunny yellow t-shirt tells the real story… “I hate everyone.” 


Aint no one going to argue with that one…


You heard the man, now one of you nice young ladies go and get him a beer 


Don’t leave your girlfriend around this guy, he’s well read and not afraid to steal your girlfriend, or her clothes.


According to statistics collected by the ADL, the elderly represent more than 12% of the American population, many of which are single and ready to mingle.

This Key West, Florida t-shirt says it all!


Now that we know what this man is willing to do for $20… any takers?


Not only does her name tag read “Cookies” but this cool granny is also “Gangsta as F!**!” 


Never saw that punch line coming, did you?!


According to this man, the best way to pay for your purchases isn’t with a MasterCard or Visa, it’s with…


Mr. Swagalicious is downright delicious! 


Yeah, we get it, but at the local grocery store?!


This woman may live on cocaine and caviar, but what if we told you she’s actually only 35. 


That’s one thing to look forward to with age; you can get away with wearing pretty much whatever you want. If a 30-year old walked out in public wearing most of these shirts I’m not sure how the world would handle it. But put the same shirt on a cute elderly person and people love it!

Okay so this man’s shirt just might take it a little too far…but clearly some men never grow up and want to settle down.


Wait what? At the Spice Market?! Looks like this ‘machine’ had a little accident with blue paint.


Some of the ‘elderly’ individuals on this list might be technically old enough to enter a retirement community but they still look a little young to get away with wearing downright creepy t-shirts… anyone else agree?

Forget about MILFS, in 2014 it’s all about the GILFS! 


Even out in her pajamas this woman is still 20% hotter than you, and you.


Apparently this man is 50, fat, diabetic, and ahead of you if you are reading his shirt. 


You are what you eat, and wear…. Hey, she said it! 


Now that’s the spirit! Kill off those evil hipsters already…


This elderly woman may or may not know what the leaves printed on her head scarf stand for…


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