21 Creative And Cute Pieces Of Sushi Art


Sushi is an addictive food that many people can’t get enough of! Not only is it incredibly delicious, but sushi is also an art form, each roll perfectly filled and rolled tight. Even the most basic spicy California roll looks like art, with the avocado, imitation crab, and cucumber tucked neatly together for one-bite satisfaction. Some creative geniuses out there have taken sushi art to an entirely new level, creating pieces of sushi that look too cute to eat!

Out Of This Earth Sushi 


Despite popular belief, the word ‘sushi’ really has nothing to do with raw fish, and instead means rice that has been seasoned with vinegar, salt, and sugar. Raw fish that is sliced and served alone is called sashimi.

Pretty Pink Flower Sushi 


Sushi has been around since at least the second century A.D. It was originally utilized as a method for preserving fish in China. The Japanese are given full credit for the invention of sushi, but the inspiration for modern day sushi is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia, near the Mekong River. From here the concept of fermented fish wrapped in sour rice made its way into Japan where it developed into the sushi we know and love today.

It was near the end of the Edo period when a Japanese man by the name Hanaya Yohei came up with the concept for modern-day sushi. Interestingly, sushi has humble origins as it was originally eaten as a cheap and fast snack during theater performances.

Sheep Sushi


Pineapple Sushi


Do you eat wasabi with your sushi? If so it’s likely not real wasabi. Authentic wasabi is derived from the root of the wasabia japonica plant, as opposed to horseradish. Real wasabi is far from cheap, and most sushi restaurants simply combine a mixture of horseradish, mustard powder, and green dye in order to make a somewhat believable imitation.

Rose Sushi


Originally, sushi rice was not consumed. The rice was wrapped around the fish in order to create a uniquely sour taste, and then removed once the fermentation process was complete.

Seal Sushi 


Screaming Sushi


Want to know a sushi fact worth screaming over? If you get a bad piece of Fugu, or pufferfish, sashimi you could end up dead. In order to legally prepare fugu sashimi, Japanese chefs must undergo a tough training and certification process.

All it takes is one wrong swipe of a knife and fugu can actually kill someone because the fish contains lethal doses of poison in glands and organs. In fact, the Emperor of Japan is not allowed to consume fugu due to the risks involved.

The Triple “S” Roll: Smiling Snail Sushi 


Skull Sushi

For the ‘hardcore’ sushi fan.


Outer Space Sushi for Aliens


Sloth Sushi

Just rolling around!


Russian Doll Sushi


Ghost Sushi


Brain Sushi 

The perfect sushi to feed to zombies!


Owl Sushi 


Crab Sushi 


Minion Sushi 


Teddy Bear Sushi 


Monster Domo Love Sushi 


Little Miss Bento created many of the sushi pieces featured in this post, including this original Domo-Kun roll. Domo-Kun is the official mascot for the Japanese broadcasting network NHK. This particular roll took longer than expected, causing Little Miss Bento, or Shirley, to almost be late for work.

Shirley is an award-winning Bento artist, cookbook author, and blogger based in Singapore. She is also the first Singaporean instructor that is certified by the Japan Sushi Instructors’ Association.

Hello Kitty Sushi 


Panda Bear Sushi 


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