20 Most Pristine Lakes That You Must Visit Now

Deep Looks Photo Credit- Vance Fox

We all dream of visiting an unspoilt lake, where one could stretch legs, read a book, play with children, write a poem or simply while away. That little piece of nature that would take us far from the chaos of city life and make us feel special.

With precisely this idea in our minds, we thought of bringing you our collection of 20 most pristine lakes around the world. Go on, enjoy, and do not forget to visit a few of these.

1. Cecret Lake, U.S.

Utah's Cecret Photo Credit- Chad DutsonPhoto Credit- Chad Dutson

Cecret Lake, a small alpine lake in Albion Basin near Alta in the USA.

2. Jackson Lake, U.S.

Morning Tranquility Photo Credit- Sandra BronsteinPhoto Credit- Sandra Bronstein

Jackson Lake is a wonderful area to explore and frequently offers mirror reflections in the early morning. It’s located in Grand Teton National Park, north-western Wyoming, U.S.

3. Hidden Lake, U.S.

Valley Beyond Photo Credit- Rebecca LPhoto Credit- Rebecca L. Latson

Hidden Lake is located in Glacier National Park, in the U. S. state of Montana.

4. Tahoe Lake, U.S.

Deep Looks Photo Credit- Vance FoxPhoto Credit- Vance Fox

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada of the United States.

Lake Tahoe Winter Photo Credit- Vance FoxPhoto Credit: Vance Fox

5. Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise 2 Photo Credit- Larry RickerPhoto Credit- Larry Ricker

Beautiful Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Lake Louise In Banff National Park Alberta Photo Credit- Pierre LeclercPhoto Credit- Pierre Leclerc

6. Lake of Two Rivers, Canada

Adirondack Chairs At Lake Shore Photo Credit- Elena ElisseevaPhoto Credit- Elena Elisseeva

Lake of Two Rivers in Algonquin park, Ontario, Canada.

7. Twin Lakes In Mammoth Lakes, U.S.

Tranquility- Twin Lakes In Mammoth Lakes California Photo Credit- Jamie PhamPhoto Credit- Jamie Pham

A very early morning & peaceful view of Twin Lakes in the Mammoth Lakes Area of the Eastern Sierra Region of the state of California, USA.

8. Lake Tipsoo, U.S.

Red Sky At Night Photo Credit- Mike DawsonPhoto Credit- Mike Dawson

Mt. Rainier reflecting in the still waters of Lake Tipsoo under a spectacular sunset. Tipsoo Lake, at an elevation of 5299 ft above sea level, is an alpine lake within the Northern Cascade Range located near the summit of Chinook Pass in Pierce County, Washington

9. Algonquin Park, Canada

Fall Forest Reflections Photo Credit- Elena ElisseevaPhoto Credit- Elena Elisseeva

Forest of colorful autumn trees reflecting in calm lake. Algonquin Park, Canada.

10. Stanley Lake, U.S.

Alpine Lake Reflections Photo Credit- Robert BalesPhoto Credit- Robert Bales

Stanley Lake is an alpine lake in Custer County, Idaho, United States, located at the base of the Sawtooth Mountains in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

11. Wanaka Lake, New Zealand

Tree In Lake Wanaka Photo Credt- Stuart LitoffPhoto Credit- Stuart Litoff

Morning on the shores of Lake Wanaka, an alpine lake in the South Island of New Zealand.

12. Mono Lake, U.S.

Mono Lake Foam Photo Credit- Cat ConnorPhoto Credit- Cat Connor

What appears to be snow at the edge of the water is actually foam whipped up by strong winds. The highly alkaline and saline chemistry of the lake water, when whipped by winds, facilitates the foamy formations. This foam is much like that caused by agitating dish washing detergent. Mono Lake is located in Mono County, California, USA.

Mono Lake 2 Photo Credit- Cat ConnorPhoto Credit- Cat Connor

13. Long Lake, U.S.

Long Lake Photo Credit- Cat ConnorPhoto Credit- Cat Connor

Long Lake, Alberta, USA.

14. Colchuk Lake, U.S.

Colchuk Morning Reflections Photo Credit- Mike ReidPhoto Credit- Mike Reid

Morning reflection at Lake Colchuck. Gateway to the Enchantments Lakes Basin through Aasgard Pass in the center.

15. Oahe Lake, U.S.

Lake Oahe Sunset Photo Credit- Aaron J GroenPhoto Credit- Aaron J Groen

Sunset at Lake Oahe, South Dakota, USA.

16. Lake Maggiore, Switzerland

Lake Maggiore Photo Credit- Joana KrusePhoto Credit- Joana Kruse

View of the Lake Maggiore with the Brissago islands from Cardada, Ticino, Switzerland

17. Lake Maggiore, Italy

Lake Maggiore 2 Photo Credit- Joana KrusePhoto Credit- Joana Kruse

18. Wasatch Mountains, U.S.

Yellow- Photo Credit- Chad DutsonPhoto Credit- Chad Dutson

Wasatch Mountains, Utah, USA

19. Barmera Lake, Australia

Lake Bonney Sunrise Photo Credit- Bill RobinsonPhoto Credit- Bill Robinson

Lake in Barmera, South Australia

20. Wonder Lake, U.S.

Mount Mckinley And Wonder Lake Campground In The Fall Photo Credit- Tim RayburnPhoto Credit- Tim Rayburn

Mount McKinley and Wonder Lake Campground in the Fall. Denali National Park, Alaska.