20 Lonely Little Houses For The Solitary Soul


Have you ever dreamed of escaping your life in the city or suburbs? Just think about it, exchanging pollution, bus routes, and busy sidewalks for the peace and tranquility only found in the depths of nature. You know, somewhere you can hear the birds chirping outside instead of cars honking by. A place the kids can play outside without fear of a wild person, but maybe instead a wild animal.

The world has become so fast-paced, flooded in technological advancements, all of which take us further and further away from our natural roots. If you’ve been dreaming about escaping modern day life for a more isolated existence, here are 20 little houses to fall in love with.

The Isolated Winter Hunt 


Hofskirkja, Iceland 

This is currently a church, adorned in loads of lumpy grass, but you never know, churches are made into homes over time often enough.


The Only Home On Ellidaey Island in Iceland 

This isolated house sits all alone on an island, just as it has for many years.


Find out who occupies this solitary home, complete with its very own island. 

Home Hidden In The Forest 

No one but fairy tale characters and talking animals to bother you out here!


Lake Tekapo, New Zealand 


Icelandic Mountain Meadow Retreat 

Icelandic Mountain Meadow Retreat

Hobbit House in Wales 

This house was built by a father looking to provide a comfortable life for his family without having such a negative impact on the environment; meet the hobbit house! The home was built using all natural materials from directly within the area, unfortunately since the couple did not get permits to build the house the local government is debating whether or not the couple will have to tear down the home.

The home builders started a Facebook page, Charlie and Meg’s Roundhouse. They have since earned thousands of likes, showing that even if the local politicians are pitting against this awesome little house, the whole world is on team Hobbit House!


Snowy Norway Mountains Give Way To Bright Red House 


Abandoned Little House In Alberta Canada 

Surrounded by miles of gold weeds, this house could serve as a nice escape from reality but it will need some remodeling first!


Rock House in Middle of Drina River, Serbia

Right near the town of Bajina Basta, located in Serbia, this little house stands just above the water level. Just don’t invite over anyone that exceeds the maximum weight capacity, 25 pounds (I joke!).


Apuseni Mountains, located in Romania 

Old fairytale villages, over 4,000 caves, and breathtaking scenery makes these Romanian mountain sides positively splendid.


Trollanes, Faroe Islands 

In 2005, the population on Faroe Islands was 23.


Arnarstapi, Iceland 


Tiny House Surrounded By Farming Fields, Hungary 


Little Red House By The Sea In Iceland 


Holmur Reykjanes, Iceland 

A breathtaking image of the Northern lights over this 2-part compound with ocean views for miles. To the far right you can also see the glow of city lights… simply breathtaking.


See 7 of the most isolated houses in the world! 

Barrier Highway, South Australia 

Endless golden farmland to develop, and an abandoned house ready to be made all your own. You’ve got your work cut out for you, but at least no one to come and distract you for miles!


Craig Highland Farm Holiday Cottage 

Located just outside of Plockton, Scotland, you can rent out this amazing home by the bridge.


Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland 

The storm looks to be rolling in, better get cozied up inside the cute white and red house.


Cottage In The Woods. Scotland 


If you could live in any of these houses, which one would it be?

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