Here Are 20 Irrefutable Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats. And people.


You love your dog more than anything else, and how could you not? Dogs show so much loyalty, love and affection, plus they are really smart and always able to make you laugh–no matter what! I love cats and people as well, but there is something extra special about dogs.

Dogs literally have superpowers; they can use their nose to smell anything or anyone out of a crowd, and are almost always in a good mood. Plus, dogs are not as petty or judgmental as humans and cats. Dogs look at the world with a big grin, just waiting for their next new friend to come along.

All in all, dogs can teach us so much about life and how to be happy. With their openhearted approach to anything that comes their way and their inability to hold a grudge, dogs are literally angels on four-legs.

Here are 20 pictures that prove dogs are the best creatures on the planet!


There is seriously nothing cutter than a pack of puppies, and golden puppies are one of my favorites! Sweet and cuddly, these little guys could keep you happy and occupied all day long.


Dogs are always there for you when you need them most! No need to be ashamed of your request, dogs NEVER judge or hold a grudge about something.


While kids eventually start to drift away from mom and dad, especially when they are out in public, no matter how old your dog gets, they are never too old to sit on your lap or be affectionate towards you in public.


You don’t have to worry about cutting your shopping trip short due to a complaining tag-along. Dogs like to go everywhere, and if they get bored they will simply fall asleep or find something to chew on. Perched in a shopping cart or tucked in your purse, dogs of all sizes enjoy going shopping.


Dogs are willing to try everything at least once, including putting a big ‘ol bird atop their head!


Who needs fancy toys? Not dogs! Dogs will make do with available resources, no matter how big the sticks are, they will still try and play a game of fetch–all smiles!


Dogs are fun and adventurous, and have personalities as vast (and beautiful) as the colors of a rainbow.


Dogs are very creative, why sit inside of your house when there is a much better view from atop your house?


Canines can keep it cool in any situation.


Any sport you can do, dogs can do better… including horseback riding.


And yoga too…


See more cute dogs doing yoga

Dogs like all of your favorite things.


Dogs are blind when it comes to differences, they have an open heart towards anyone and anything.


They can teach you a thing or two about playing hide-and-go-seek


Dogs are “chick friendly”


Dogs are very helpful. While this dog might be responsible for all of the stains dotting this carpet, he’s always willing to help his owner search deep under the bed for missing items.


Dogs are both smart and beautiful, good thing they don’t run for Mr. and Ms. America, otherwise the competition would be dominated by dogs!



It doesn’t take long for dogs to become the best of pals. Can you imagine what would happen if there were “cat parks?” While dog parks host an occasional scuffle here and there, a cat park would be full of hissing!


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