20 Heartwarming Photos Of Kids Playing With Their Cats


Kids and animals can form the most special of bonds. The carefree innocence of a cat pairs well with the same carefree innocence of a child. Not to mention, both cats and kids are incredibly cute. When the two get together for a purring good time, the most adorable photos are taken.

When kids and cats play together it is good for both parties, mentally, physically, and emotionally too; especially if the kitty does not have a tendency to bite or claw.

These 20 heartwarming photos of kids playing with their cats are sure to make your heart smile, perhaps reminding you of your own furry childhood friends.


It’s not just the children that have love and affection in their eyes, but the cats seem to look at them with the same adoration.


My first cat’s name was Coco, he was a gorgeous Siamese and my very best friend. He let me dress him up in baby clothes, and push him in a stroller. The two of us were inseparable, I remember he used to wake me up in the mornings by licking my nose. Even now many years after he has gone off to kitty heaven I still think of our time together fondly, and will always keep a special place in my heart for him.


Kitties love play time, and it is also good for them.


Cats and kids love many of the same things, including bubbles.





Fun Facts About Kitty Cats to Share With Cat-Loving Kids

-Cats have 5 toes on their front paws and only 4 toes on their back paws.

-You can always tell how a cat is feeling by looking into their eyes, very much like humans!

-Cats love to knead things, this habit is derived from their kittenhood when they knead at their mother’s belly for milk. Kneading is a sign that your kitty cat is purry happy!

-Nearly 10% of all cat bones are located in their tail. They have a total of 245 bones throughout their entire body. Interestingly, cat bones fuse together as they age, which means older cats have less individual bones than younger cats.

-If you live in North America you can thank the Pilgrims for introducing cats.

-Cats don’t do well over 97 F, at which point they begin to pant as a way to try and cool off. While cats do have sweat glands located throughout their body, they do not sweat in the same way we do to regulate their temperature.

-By 1-year a cat is already 15-years in human time.


If your cat is ever ignoring your call, they are likely doing so intentionally, after all cats are known to have some of the best hearing in the animal world. Do you ever notice your cat waiting for you at the front door the moment you get home? They know just before you are going to arrive, cats can identify the sound of your approaching car. They can also identify your unique footsteps from over one hundred feet away.






In 1830 the average cat only lived to be 8-years old, today we get an average of 16 wonderful years with our kitty cats, meaning many kids are lucky to grow all the way up with the same loyal cat by their side.


Cats are good mommies, and are pregnant between 58-65 days. Some cats are also good at looking after human-kids. In fact, cats can get pretty protective of their little fleshy friends.





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