20 Animals With Unexpected Colors


The majority of animals around the world are a shade of black, brown, yellow, or white. You don’t expect to see a sea of blue lobsters, or a flock of pink birds, unless you are hanging out with the flamingos of course.

Certain animals are known for being certain colors. While a yellow frog looks strange because frogs are stereotypically green, a yellow bird is no big deal. Just like a white rabbit is a common magician pet, a white squirrel causes you to do a double take.

These 20 photos are not Photoshopped, all of these animals are naturally blessed with unique splashes of color that make them truly stand out from the rest.

The Purple Snail 

This isn’t the only purple snail on the planet, an entire world of violet snails exist deep beneath the ocean waves.


Red Velvet Ant 

Interestingly, this ‘ant’ is actually a wasp from the Mutillidae family, which include over 3,000 different species. The females are wingless and resemble giant ants made of red velvet.


Blue & Green Parakeet 


Rainbow Cricket 


White Peacock 


Chimera Lobster

This is one rare lobster!

Halloween Lobster

Perfectly Pink Chested Robin Bird 


Pink Katydid 

This pink katydid is very rare, unlike their green counterparts that blend into the greenery to avert attention from predators, life is much more difficult when you are bright pink in a sea of green. These bugs get their pink coloring from a condition known as erythrism, which is actually comparable to the gene that creates albinism in humans.


Nicobar Pigeon 

This oddly colored bird can be found on tiny islands located in coastal regions.


Pink Orchid Mantis 


Indian Bull Frog 


The Regal Ringneck Snake 

These snakes come in a variety of wild colors and can be found slithering through Southwestern United States and into Northern Mexico.


Albino Crow

Albinism is not reserved to humans. The recessive gene that causes one to be albino, or have partial to no melanin, can be found in all vertebrates; from humans to animals.


Pink Dolphin 

This pink dolphin is actually known as a Chinese White Dolphin, a breed that ranges in colors from grey, to white, and pale pink to bright pink. You can find them all the way from the South China Sea to Australia.


Northern Cardinal


Blue Lobster

Quick someone alert Red Lobster, there’s some new competition in town! It is a rare genetic mutation that causes lobster to produce too much of a certain protein, as a result they develop a blue coloring. It’s said that for every one blue lobster there are 2-million red lobsters, meaning it’s a true rarity to catch a bright blue variation.


Albino Squirrel 


Halloween Crab 

Also known as the whitespot crab, red land crab, and the mouthless crab, this colorful crab is from the family Gecarcinidae.


Red Slug 

Did someone drop their slurpee or is that a RED SLUG?!?!

Technically known as a ‘pink slug’ these brightly colored beauties are new on the documented species list. This species is found living some 320 miles from northwest Sydney, in a rather remote part of Australia. They may have just gotten their official papers, but these newly documented slugs have roamed the earth for many years. They are said to date back over 180 million years ago.


Black Rooster Ayam Cemani 

The Ayam Cemani is a relativly new and uncommon breed of chicken with origins in Indonesia. In Indonesian, ayam translates to “chicken” and cemani translates to “completely black.” It’s no exaggeration, everything about these chickens is black, from their feathers, to their beaks, and even their meat and organs are dark.



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