20 Of The Most Amazing Cinemas Around The World


Going to see a live show or movie has been a tradition for as far back as mankind can remember. In 1895, the first movie theater ever opened its doors, it was called The Berlin Wintergarten Theater. Long before film hit mainstream entertainment, people attended live shows with the actors and actresses standing right before their very eyes. Today we have the option to see a live performance or a filmed flick, either way the place you enjoy a show can alter the overall experience.

Most people go to see movies at regular cinemas where they buy overpriced popcorn and sit in one of many rows of chairs equipped with cup holders and arm rests. If this bores you beyond tears, you’re not alone. Hence why some of the cinemas around the world have decided to mix things up, creating a theater that provides an experience as compelling as the show rolling on the big screen, or stage.

1. Sci-fi Dine-in Theater At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If you are ever in Los Angeles, California this awesome theater is worth some of your time.



Photo Credit: Joe Penniston

2. Kurshumli An In Skopje, Macedonia

This photo was taken during the Creative Documentary Film Festival Makedox.


Photo Credit: BB

3. Olympia Music Hall In France

This beautiful music hall originally opened in 1889, it has since made many adjustments, like adding screens for film showings. Unfortunately, the beds are not a permanent staple at this popular music hall; instead they were temporarily used as a promotional tool at an event held by Ikea.


Photo Credit: unknown

4. Fox Theater Located In Detroit, Michigan

This stage has seen the biggest names in show business, and remains among the top-grossing theaters of its size throughout all of America.


Photo Credit: Pat Patience

5. Arena, Pula, Croatia

The Pula Arena is the only remaining Roman architecture with four side towers and all three sides completely preserved. It was built between 27 BC and 68 AD, and is considered the sixth largest Roman arenas still standing today.


Photo Credit: Andrea Wunderžena

6. Urania National Film Theatre In Budapest, Hungary

This incredible building is beautiful inside and out, making it one of the treasured jewels of the city.


Photo Credit: ak17

7. Movie Theater In Paris


Looks more appealing until you see how uncomfortable the seats look!


Photo Credit: lutetia.canalblog.com

8. Riverbed Cinema For Dokufest In Prizren, Kosovo


Photo Credit: jeton

9. Electric Cinema In Notting Hill, London

The Electric Cinema is one of the oldest working theaters in the country.


Photo Credit: electriccinema.co.uk

10. Puskin Art Cinema In Budapest, Hungary


Photo Credit: Éva Podolyák

11. Anibar Lake Cinema (peja, Kosovo)


Photo Credit: Vullnet Sanaja

12. The Bijou Theater, Bridgeport

This theater hosts both films and live events, offering a total of 202 exclusive seats.


Photo Credit: The Bijou Theatre

13. Orinda Theater, California

Originally opened in 1941, the Orinda Theater plays true to the past with its nostalgic decor, but also shows hit movies from today.




Photo Credit: Franck Bohbot

14. Ugc De Brouckere Grand Eldorado In Brussels, Belgium


Photo Credit: Kidasat

15. Hot Tub Cinema In London

It doesn’t really look like anyone is watching the movie… too distracted by wine and warm water!


Photo Credit: Hot Tube Cinema

16. The Orange Cinema Club, Beijing


Photo Credit: Guo Fan

17. Cineteca Del Matadero, Madrid, Spain


Photo Credit: Ana Reyes

18. Sotto Le Stelle Del Cinema, Open-air Cinema In Bologna Piazza Maggiore, Italy

Enjoy fresh air, a great movie, and plenty of company at this popular open-air theater.


Photo Credit: Alice Casarini

19. Transatlantyk Festival, Poznań


Photo Credit: Przemek Kwiatkowski

20. Film On The Rocks, Red Rocks, Denver, Colorado

This beautiful and expansive outdoor music venue is formed into the surrounding sandstone mountains, offering a truly one of a kind experience.


Photo Credit: Tara Kindel