These 19 Dogs Are Unlike Any I’ve Ever Seen Before… Can I Have Them? ALL Of Them?


Just like humans, dogs inherit their color from their parents. Most of the time, dogs end up regular shades of white, brown, or black, but every once in a while genes work together in just a certain way, creating uniquely colored coats that deserve more than a second glance.

Some dog breeds are known for their distinct color combinations, like the Dalmatian for instance. While other dog breeds typically have solid coats that include only one color, like the golden retriever or black lab for example. When a breed that typically has a solid colored coat is born with a splash of color, their markings appear even more remarkable.

In the human world, we often strive to be the same, ‘normal’ or ‘middle-class’ but why? In reality, it’s the things that make you unique that grant you your special flare and charm.  The same can be said for all of the dogs out there in the world, each one with their own set of markings and character traits.

Think about your own furry friend, it’s the funny way they wag their tail, or the stray marking on their backside that makes them identifiable to you as your special friend, even out in a field full of dogs at the park. So instead of covering up your different traits, embrace them, they are what makes you wonderful and what so many people love dearly about you.

Here are 19 unusual dogs with markings all their own, made especially so that you fall in puppy love!


“Hey, how come I didn’t get one of those cool black strips like my golden friend!?”


She sure looks sweet, but be careful, if looks mean anything, she might be two-faced!


This African painted dog might be wild, and surly not the ‘perfect pet’ but with markings like that he’s easy to love from afar!


If only this little lad had been born in time, he would have been the star of 101 Dalmatians! “I heart you!”


The neighborhood dogs don’t mess with this German Shepherd, after all this “tough-dog” always has a black eye!


Any puppy born rocking a full grown mustache is a puppy born naturally cool! You know he’ll be the stud-muffin of the class when it comes time for puppy-training school.


As if the blue eyes weren’t enough, this dog steals away your heart with his wonderful merle markings.


Born and breed in Japan, these little panda puppies are full of love! Who wants to snuggle?


Spots and all, this Bernese Mountain dog is rare with his all-white coat and black spotted accents.


Heterochromia makes this Australian Shepherd even cutter. For those that don’t know, heterochromia is a genetic trait that means the iris, hair, or skin has more than one color–hence how some dogs (and people) have two different colored eyes.


A golden puppy with a special marking makes this little guy stand out in a large pack of pups.


Are you a hippie with dreadlocks? Meet you perfect doggy twin! Although anyone that adores big fluffy dogs is sure to love this cutie. One question: how does he see anything?


Is that a zebra or a dog? Hopefully a dog because rumor has it, zebras are far less friendly than canines.


This unique white Rottweiler might be wearing makeup, or he might just have the most artistic facial markings ever.


Who needs coats or cute clothes when you’ve got a vivid birthday suit like this Chinese Crested dog?


Baby blue eyes make this all-white Weimaraner stand out to both single dogs and pet-loving people.


Forget me not, for my colors are bold and unique!


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Photo Credits: Viral Nova