19 Cats That Resemble Other Things


Take a good look at your kitty cat. Does he or she look like a regular cat with whiskers, a fur coat, four paws and a nice long tail? Or does your cat resemble someone from history, a statue, or decorative accessory?

Some cats simply look like cats, but others are easy to mistake for another creature entirely. Thanks to the rise of social media, people from all over the world share pictures of their pets, some of which truly deserve to be shared. After all, they don’t look like your typical feline.

These 19 cats have gone viral for a reason: they look like much more than a cat. If you have had a long hard day, allow these adorable felines to cheer you up!

Black and white cat resembles Batman 


Self-cleaning kitty resembles a roasted chicken

Hope no one is hungry when this cat comes around!


Kitten with serious swagger resembles Leonardo DiCaprio 


This cat wearing a hat looks a lot like Jamie from Mythbusters 

Perhaps on the next episode Jamie can disprove his relation to this cat, or at least give him a spot on the show.


Wet cat looks like a swamp monster 

It is widely believed that all cats hate getting their paws wet, but some cats actually like water for more than just drinking. Although, clearly the cat pictured below is not one of them!


Cats come in all different shapes and sizes thanks to the vast variety in their genes. But how many different breeds of cats actually exist? The International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance (IPCBA) acknowledges 73 unique breeds of cats.

Although, the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) has a more conservative number of 41 acknowledged cat breeds. The reason for the lower number has to do in part with the fact CFA does not include cats that are considered from “wild stock,” including the Savanna, and Bengal.

Within each breed there are a number of markings cats can genetically inherit. As a result, the world is full of different looking cats, some which resemble famous people, and others that take after swamp monsters.

Precious foxy kitty looks like a pin up star

Seriously, this sassy feline is ready for her modeling career.


Fluffy cat looks just like this fluffy bath rug 

Careful not to step on the kitty!


White Kitty looks just like Dobby from Harry Potter


The cat version of Albert Einstein

Cats are highly intelligent, if they could speak who knows what sort of inventions they could come up with!


Cat resembles cute Halloween decoration 


Cat creepily looks like Mr. Burns 

Seriously though, what is this cat plotting?


Lenin Cat


Chaplin Cat 

This cat even has the perfect marking beneath his nose to resemble a mustache!


Cats are such divas you have to wonder if they would even want to be compared to someone else. If only cats could talk, I hear them fighting back already, “No one looks as good as MEEEOOW!”

Cat with cool hairy ears resembles Maleficient 

Human or feline, who doesn’t want to resemble a character played by the beautiful Angelina Jolie?!


Hairless cat resembles Iggy Pop

Check out those awesome eyes, one blue and one green.


Cat with mustache resembles Wilford Brimley 


Fluffy white cat resembles a purse keychain toy

We just hope the keychain is made with faux fur, unlike the pretty little kitty.


Cat known as Hamilton The Hipster looks like Salvador Dali

Yes, the mustache on this cute kitty cat is 100% real.


Cat resembles Hitler


Black cat resembles Toothless from the movie, “How To Train Your Dragon.” 


Who is your favorite look alike?

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