18 Cups Overflowing With Cuteness


Would you like a cup of tea, a cup of coffee, or a cup of kittens? I’m not sure who thought up putting mice, tiny dogs, and squirrels inside of cups but I’m kind of glad they did. The end results are sooo cute!

The next time you get your hands on a pint-size pet make sure to find a good coffee cup or small soup bowl they fit in and snap a photo, because the latest trend to hit the Internet is a cup full of cuteness. You thought putting your dog in a purse was cute, well turns out putting your pet in a cup is just so much cooler. Check out these cups overfilling with cuteness and you’re sure to start smiling–guaranteed!

Home Brewed Hedgehog 


One Cup Sleeping Squirrel 


Critter Coffee Date 

These cute critters are enjoying the usual chit-chat over a warm cup of coffee.


I’ll Order One Cup Overflowing With A Precious Puppy, Please! 


Hip Hamster Party In A Cup

These hamsters look calm and easy going, but anyone that has ever tried to sleep with a hamster in their room knows just how noisy these nocturnal creatures can get at night.


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Bunny Beverage 

Bunny rabbits make the perfect pet for overflowing cups with cuteness, but only if you have a baby bunny or a dwarf breed. There are many different types of rabbits, some are much too large for a tiny cup, but others are just the right size.


Tea and Tiny Friends 

Do you notice how well the real flowers in this photo match the print on the tea cup?! How adorable, it looks straight out of a fairytale.


I Love You Bunny Much

A match made in bunny heaven. But what’s up with the horses and hippos on the cups–could you imagine if there were tiny horses and hippos that actually fit inside of a small cup—now that just might be the ultimate cute!


Kitten In Flour Cup

Kittens might be cute but they sure love trouble! What frisky feline doesn’t like to make a mess in the kitchen? Perhaps I shouldn’t assume the worst; maybe this cutie-pie simply wants to help bake a cake.


One Shy Bunny In A Cup Coming Up!


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2 Cats In One Cup 

Want to join in on the cups full of cuteness trend but your pet is too big to fit? That’s when you have to get creative, like this clever cat owner…


You might be surprised to find some of the biggest cats can fit into the tinniest places. No seriously, check out these 21 cats that prove no space is too tight.

Please Don’t Scream, I Won’t Hurt You

….but I might have just tinkled in your tea cup!


Yorkie Puppy In A Cup


Jack-In-The-Box Black and White Bunny  

“Hey guys, do you know how I can get out of here?”


Small Enough For The Espresso Cup


Alice In Wonderland Tea Party 

Ms. Bunny has been eating way too much lettuce lately, she is almost too big for her pretty rose tea cup.


Sweet Kitty In A Pink Cup


My Oh My, What Fancy Whiskers You Have! 


Which one of these cups overflowing with cuteness is your personal favorite?!

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