17 Of The Craziest Festivals Around The World That Bring People Closer Together


Every year all around the world a wide variety of crazy festivals take place. Some are colorful, others are messy, and many more are simply beautiful. Here we countdown 17 of the craziest festivals from all around the world, the only requirement is that they bring people from all walks of life closer together.

1. Holi Color Festival in India

The Holi Festival celebrates the triumph of good over bad, and is held annually between the end of February and the end of March.



Photo Credit: jarviedigital

2. Winter Light Festival in Japan

Every year from mid November to mid March, Kuwana City holds a traditional Winter Light Festival, which includes the famous tunnel of light.


Photo Credit: cyber0515

3. Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Thailand

The Festival of Lights is celebrated throughout all of Thailand, but in Chiang Mai the festivities are a bit different. Instead of releasing lotus-shaped receptacles onto the water, people in Chiang Mai release lighted lanterns into the sky while simultaneously making a wish. The exact date of the festival is never known more than a few weeks in advance.



Photo Credit: Justin Ng Chai Hock

4. Agitagueda Art Festival in Portugal



Learn more about the hundreds of umbrellas that float above certain streets in Portugal.

Photo Credit: Patrícia Almeida

5. Winter Scareaway Festival in Mohács Busójárás, Hungary

This festival has an interesting legend behind it, detailing how the people of Mohács were able to fight off the oppressive Ottoman Turks. The legend inspired this annual celebration that occurs at the end of winter. The festival includes burning a stuffed straw figure that represents winter.


Photo Credit: Dóra Fényes

6. Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan

The Sapporo Snow Festival is one of Japan’s largest winter festivities, attracting more and more people from near and far every year. In fact, over 2 million people visit the event in order to see incredible snow and ice sculptures, like this Star Wars inspired masterpiece.



Photo Credit: RocketNews24

7. Cherry Blossom Lantern Festival in Japan

This picture is from the 2013 cherry blossom lantern festival held at Honmyō-ji in Kumamoto, Japan.


Photo Credit: Dallas Nagata White

8. Golden Retriever Festival in Scotland

The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland puts on the annual Golden Retriever Festival. Since 2006, the club has held the dog party at the ancestral home of the beautiful golden breed. Last year’s gathering set a record with 222 dogs in attendance.


Photo Credit: Gordon Richardson

9. Dia De Los Muertos Festival in Mexico

The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico, as well as all around the world. It is held in order to pray for and remember loved ones that have passed on.




Photo Credit: Rob Sheridan

10. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in USA

Albuquerque, New Mexico holds an annual Balloon Fiesta in early October. The spectacular 9-day event includes over 500 balloons, and is known as the largest hot air balloon festival in the entire world.



Photo Credit: balloonfiesta.com

11. The International Highline Meeting Festival, Monte Piana, Italy

This festival offers unmatched views of the Italian Alps, as participants hang out on these highflying hammocks.



See more information and pictures about this awesome festival for daredevils only.

Photo Credit: Sebastian Wahlhuetter 

12. Floating Lanterns Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

A must-see festival held annually on Memorial Day.



Photo Credit: Joe Marquez 

13. Burning Man Festival in Nevada, USA

The annual Burning Man Festival is a celebration of art, music, and everything creative. It is held in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.



Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff

14. The Fuji Shibazakura Festival in Japan

This festival offers breathtaking views of Mount Fuji accented by endless fields of pink moss, or shibazakura.



Photo Credit: uncoveringtheworld.wordpress.com

15. Songkran Water Festival in Thailand

This Water Festival is a New Year’s celebration in Southeast Asian countries. Westerners refer to it as the ‘water festival’ because people pour water on one another as a cleansing ritual in preparation for the new year. In Thailand the festival starts on April 13 and extends to April 15.


Photo Credit: Songran2014.com

16. La Tomatina Festival in Spain




Photo Credit: latomatina.org

17. Baby Jumping Fiesta in Spain

This annual festival includes men dressed in traditional devil’s clothing jumping over babies lined up in the streets.



Photo Credit:Denis Doyle