16 Before-and-After Photos Of Rescued Dogs


There is nothing more gratifying than rescuing a dog. Breeders and pet stores have plenty of happy and healthy puppies ready to go home with you, but there are so many other dogs out there that need a home too. Dogs are the most loyal creatures on the planet, but they are often let down by the humans trusted to take care of them. For a wide variety of reasons, too many dogs end up neglected, abused, and left living on the streets.

Take Miley, pictured above, for example. She was found living in a pile of trash, with her leg so badly injured she could hardly walk. Miley’s after picture was taken only 3 months after her rescue, showing just how quickly dogs can bounce back, even from the worst experiences. Miley now has a new loving family and couldn’t be happier.

Here are more before and after pictures of resiliant rescue dogs, perhaps they will inspire you to go out there and save a doggy’s life!



When Treasure was found she was only 2-years old and already the world had dealt her a rough card. The miniature poodle was breed for much better, but ended up being neglected and left for dead, with such dirty and matted hair she was no longer able to walk. Thankfully, a passing motorist saw Treasure and brought her to the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society. Today, everything from her smile, perky demeanor, and bright white coat makes her look entirely different.



Rasta was hardly recognizable as a dog when he was first rescued off the streets of Montreal, Canada. After being cleaned up, it became apparent the cute pup was a Cavalier King Charles. His fur was thickly matted and full of dirt and debris, but thanks to the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals, he is looking better than ever these days.

Olivia oliva-dog-makeover-before-after-rescue-20

Olivia lived at an animal shelter, but clearly not a reputable one judging by her thin size and jutting rib cage. After only one year of living with a loving owner, just look at the weight, and happiness, Olivia has gained!



You could hardly recognize Ellen under all of her fur, she had SO much fun that it was weighing down her paws and ripping at the root–talk about painful. The little pup had over 2 pounds of matted hair shaved off, and now at 2-years old, she is ready to take on the world.



Cedar was found near a golf course, nearly hairless due to stress and so painfully thin his bones were protuding out from all angles. Thanks to his new loving home, Cedar can finally be a carefree dog that truly enjoys life.



When Alana was first brought to the shelter they assumed she was an older dog, but after shaving away her dirty, overgrown coat, they discovered a young, perky canine hiding under all that hair. Today Alana happily lives at her own fur-ever home!



Boo was found scared, wet and covered in her own urine on the side of a road in Florida. The Community Animal Rescue & Educational Shelter took Boo in as their own, after being groomed to health she is 2.8 pounds of adorable!



Theo’s original owners moved away, leaving Theo to fend for himself, and for one-year the poor little dog tried to do just that. Hope For Paws was luckily alerted and came to Theo’s rescue, today he’s a handsome and happy dog.



Only 70 pounds and near death, Vita was found in a Los Angeles junkyard. It took months of proper veterinary care, a healthy diet, and lots of love, but the results speak for themselves!



Iggy was found in Mexico with a terrible eye infection, thanks to the power of social media a photo of Iggy went viral. As a result, many people donated money so that Iggy could be transported to the US and properly cared for. This friendly dog couldn’t be happier for his second chance at a great life.



Due to his severely dirty hair and body, Shrek had sores all over his legs that prevented him from properly walking. Once cleaned up, rescuers were able to identify Shrek has a 6-year old malti-poo that was originally living in a puppy mill.



After Woody’s owner died, the poor dog was left on the streets to his own devices. Blind in one eye, scared and likely missing his owner, Woody hid wherever he could until compassionate rescuers were able to show Woody the love he deserved.



Kenzie received the love, nutrition, and nurturing necessary to regain her health at the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin & San Antonio.

Little Betty 


Somehow, Little Betty’s original owners were able to abandon her and leave her behind. I wonder if they ever considered how terrible her condition might become before someone came to her rescue?

Remember, you can help save dogs too! Keep your eyes open wherever you go, consider adopting your next dog, and  donate money or time to your local reputable animal shelter. Together we can make a difference!

Photo Credits: Quebec Society for Protection of Animals, Frank Bruynbroek, onepicturesaves.com, Trio Animal Foundation, onepicturesaves.com, Annie Hart, Hope For Paws, Eldad Hagar, Paaws Antigua, imgur, Park Road Veterinary Clinic