20 Tricky Photos That Will Make You Look Twice


It might appear like this boat is about to float away into outer space, but look again, as carefully as you can. The shadow is actually next to the boat instead of beneath the boat. Yet the way the picture comes together with water flowing seamlessly throughout, it truly looks like the ship is floating slightly above the water. What’s weird is that there is no air showing beneath the boat, and yet the boat still appears to be flying.

Some artists spend their entire lifetime trying to come up with the perfect optical illusion, but every once in a while the world (paired with the power of a camera) gives us one for free. We have collected some of the trickiest photos you have ever seen, in fact if it weren’t for the disclaimer you might be really confused what you are looking at. I have to admit, even with the knowledge these photos are all accidental optical illusions, I’m still a little perplexed about a few of them…

Case and point, the photo below– is this a Harry Potter character or a perfectly timed photo of a HUGE bird about to attack a darling deer?  desktop-1407963924

They say the woman in pink can be a bit of a pervert, but no one thought she was going to take it this far…


Colors are a huge part of optical illusions, when the same colors overlap in a photo an optical illusion is likely to surface.

The world’s longest dog?


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On the next episode of The Haunted, one family deals with a floating head in all of their family pictures, even on Christmas.


They call her the horse woman for more reasons than one. Some can’t help but wonder if she sleeps in a barn or a bed…


If spiders looked like people…But seriously, where are all of those hands coming from?


A distant tree meets with the head of a doe, making what appears to be the grandest antlers in all of the forest…


Who needs legs when you can levitate?


“Oh come on and get that head out of your a$#!”


These two long-necks are very close! You don’t see a two-headed giraffe everyday, not even in a National Geographic magazine.


World’s biggest bug or world’s smallest flying helicopter?


Something about that girl looks so familiar… Could it be her legs?


Floating on the top of the water like it’s no big deal!


Talk about coordinating outfits, these girls do it best! So much so, you can’t even tell who is holding up whom in the photo below! I’ve already changed my mind two times…


Felines that cuddle together, stay together. Where does one cat begin and the other end?


After having kids the couple below probably felt like they had created a perfect combination of themselves. And then they saw this family photo and realized they had not truly morphed into one person until this moment.


Talk about a photo bomb on this mom and cute baby! The guy stealing the show just loves wearing his flower bikini bottoms to the beach during the summer, who cares if all the people stare? Skipper knows he looks great.


Um, wow. What is going on here?!


It looks like someone is sneaking a feel of Kate’s lady parts….


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