15 Cat-Thieves That Were Caught Red-Pawed


Cats are sneaky creatures. They understand rules but they still like to break them. Just like dogs, and any other living creature, food ranks high on their list of things that matter, meaning some cats will do just about anything to get their paws on a delicious treat.

When your cat sets their mind on something, it’s hard to deter them. After all, they are rather intelligent creatures with a complex brain structure and surface folding, which resembles the human brain by 90%. Cats also have a fairly complex cerebral cortex. Responsible for processing cognitive information, the cerebral cortex of a cat contains 2x more neurons than a dog. Even more alarming, the visual areas of a cat’s brain contain more neurons than humans. In other words, you can try as hard you want but your cat may still find a way to outsmart you!

Using all of their super cat powers, these 21 felines know how to steal food like true professionals, check out the following hilarious photos to see what the meow is all about!

Mr. Snow Man’s Most Feared Enemy: The Kitty Cat!

Look at the grip those claws have on the poor snow man’s carrot nose…


Pen Lover

This pussy cat is ready to write her first novel, “A day in the life of a thief…”


Kitty Cat Parachute 

Looks like humans are not the only species wishing they could fly…


Bad Cat’s Big Catch

This cat doesn’t pick on fish his own size, he just steals them…already dead.


King Cat of the Sausage Links 

I have a firm no counter top rule with my cats, so that they don’t go climbing all over the kitchen counters. Whenever I am around, both kitties behave according to the rules. But I know they go up on the counters when I’m not around. I’ve caught them red-pawed, by unexpectedly walking around the corner and catching them off guard. Other times I find remnants of their presence, perhaps in the form of a hole chewed through the bread bag.

This kitty got away with way more than just bread; he scored multiple sausage links, and the perfect out of reach location to quickly start chowing down.




Milk Stealing Kitten Crew 

Talk about a milk mustache!


It’s Fishy, Like Stealing Candy From A Baby 


Must. Reach. The. Milk! 


It might be cute when your cat goes for your human treats, but cats work under an entirely different digestion system, and human food can really clog them up. Milk is often associated with cats, but it can actually give your kitty a terrible stomachache, or worse.

Babies and kittens have plenty of lactase in their digestive system, allowing little ones to thrive on milk. But as cats (and people) age, the level of lactase produced can naturally slow down or cease in production for some people. Without lactase one becomes lactose intolerant, because no other enzyme can break down lactose. I know, a bit of a rant, but interesting stuff!

It’s Not Stealing It’s Air Fishing 


The Cat With A Plan

This cat is just waiting to make her first meow… that delicious little pet in a tank is about to be her next meal, she can already taste it!


Determined Feline 


Scaredy-Cat Thief 

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Was This Fish Hung Fresh Just For Me? 

This cat has a long way to go, but with wild jumping skills this feline could get pretty far–if only his stomach were larger! In fact, cats can jump on average around 5 to 6 feet.


The Cookie Creeper 

He’ll be back for the coffee…


Can’t get enough cats? See jumping cats at play that look like ninjas! 

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