15 Animals Enjoying The Magic Of Autumn


We have talked a great deal about the joys of autumn this month, but it’s not just humans enjoying the changes all around. Animals are often the first to notice the changing of the leaves as well as the cooler weather.

Animals are extremely tuned in to their environment, especially considering they live outside. While you can hide away from the falling leaves beneath the shade of your roof, animals must work with environmental changes to continue thriving. These adorable animals don’t seem to mind the changes that come each fall one bit, instead they appear to be loving the orange leaves just as much as happy children on Halloween!

These 15 furry animals playing in the magical sights of Autumn are enough to make your heart melt–anyone know where I can adopt a fox!?

1. Beautiful Fall Fox


2. The Parched Squirrel

This squirrel enjoys some of his last days out roaming about before the wind chill drives him into his den for a few months.


In the fall squirrels collect as many nuts and other treasures as they can to fill their nice, warm den. But contrary to popular belief they do not technically hibernate. They may stay hidden away throughout the coldest months of the year but they are not sleeping this entire time, like bears for instance.

3. Sluggish Snails Anticipate Pending Rains With Glee


Think snails are as magical as we do? See more of the magical world of snails captured by photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko! 

4. Teasel provides Camouflage For A Whitetail Deer 

In the photo below the buck still has his antlers, which are used as a matting tool to fight off other bucks during the summer and fall. Every winter their antlers fall off until the following year.


White-tailed deer hold the title for smallest deers in North America. In the spring and summer you will likely find these cuties hiding out in large meadows or fields, using the tall foliage to hide from the sun. In only a few weeks time, this deer will retreat to the innards of the forest to find more protection from harsh winter weather.

5. Playful Autumn Cat 

A black cat in a sea of orange leaves, the perfect picture to represent fall, as well as Halloween!


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6. Pack Of Deer Enjoying Fall


7. Meerkats Playing In Fallen Leaves 

Perhaps no other animal works better as a team than the meerkat. Meerkats live in groups that contain as many as 40 members, and each meerkat has a specific job to do. Meerkats are incredibly cute, as well as social, and use their long claws to dig burrows underground to call home.

Meerkats at Blair Drummond Safari Park

8. Fall And Fawn

Deer are born in late spring, by the start of fall these adorable little Bambies are up exploring all that the world has to offer.


9. Happy Hedgehog Explores Changing Scenery 


10. Owl Hides In Orange Autumn Leaves 

Owls are always working to camouflage themselves, especially during the daytime. Start taking extra special notice of the trees to try and spot owls before the moon comes out.


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11. Field Mice Clings Tight To Grass So He Doesn’t Fall


12. Hedgehog Here To Help With The Gardening!


13. Where’s Waldo, Deer Version 


14. Happy Hooting Halloween!


15. Lion Cub Basks In Fallen Leaves 




Which photo is your favorite?

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