15 Amputees With A Brilliant Sense Of Humor


In the US there are around 2 million amputees, and each year, 185,000 new amputations occur. People are missing limbs for many different reasons, sometimes because of trauma, and other times by birth. 54% of lost limbs can be attributed to vascular disease, 45% experience amputation due to trauma, and less than 2% of all amputations relate to cancer.

While it is handy to have all of your limbs, humans can function just fine with one or more missing extremities.  We each deal with different struggles throughout life, but what makes life special is that it’s not what happens to you, but instead how you react to it. These 15 amputees prove that no matter what challenges life throws your way you can get through anything, and even have a couple laughs along the way.

Pranking Kids At The Beach 

Adult’s first thought: where is the blood?

Kid’s first thoughts: AHHHH!!!!


This Little Piggy…

The classic story tell comes to life with this clever tattoo.


‘Christmas Story’ Leg Lamp Costume 

No one could pull off this adorable costume idea better than her!


Where Did These Come From? 


Here are some interesting statistics about amputation:

-90% of all amputations involve the legs or lower extremities

-50% of amputees are between 21 and 65-years old.

-77% of all amputees are men

-Congenital amputation, being born without a limb, is the least common cause of amputation.

The Perfect Halloween Costumes 

The blogger, author, and public speaker Josh Sundquist knows how to make the best out of life no matter what happens. On his website below he has posted this cluster of photos, beneath he writes: “When life hands you lemons, make awesome Halloween costumes.” And make awesome halloween costumes, he sure does!



The flamingo costume (pictured above) took some serious creativity–do you see what’s going on here? Sundquist used his leg as the bird’s beak, and holds himself up on pink crutches that look like legs. You’d have to be pretty strong and VERY cordinated to get around like this all night!

Giant Thumb 


Handy Drink Holder 

This guy simply turns his prosthetic leg upside and he always has somewhere to put his things.


“Arg” The Real Deal Pirate  


Prosthetic limbs have come a long way, but that doesn’t mean all insurances are willing to foot the bill for the latest technology. In fact, many amputees face financial issues becuase insurance is so frugal about everything concerning prosthetic legs. Many amputees most pay a large percentage of their prosthetic leg, which range in price between $10,000 and $50,000.

Before long this will all change. Already there are companies creating working prosthetic limbs printed with 3D printer technology. This allows a moveable, bendable, and mind-controlled prosthetic leg to be made for only about $50.

An Unexpected Literal Tattoo 


Dolphin Arm Tattoo 

Dövme Çeşitleri Ve Fiyatları

Legs Made Of Legos


Worst Christmas Gifts Ever  

This cute couple opens up the worst gifts ever, gloves for the husband missing his right arm, and a bra for his wife that has had a mastectomy.


Shark Arm 

This guy doesn’t have to explain what happened to his arm, he let’s his tattoo do the talking.


In 2013,  Florida (USA) had more shark attacks than anywhere else in the world.

Staged Shark Attack 

This man wasn’t just attacked by a shark, but he was attacked in the middle of his living room! Speaking of shark attacks, there are about 60 shark attacks reported each year around the world. Of these, only an average of 4.2 are reported as fatal. Since sharks don’t naturally want to eat humans, they usually leave after taking a few bites.


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