14 Incredibly Cute Meals Inspired By Japanese Cuisine


Japanese food includes a wide range of dishes, such as sushi, tako-yaki, sashimi, tempura, and so much more. Today thanks to globalization, many of Japan’s native foods are enjoyed all over the word. A big part of Japanese food culture is to create cuisines that are not only delicious but also lovely to look at.

In fact, the food in Japan is so good that it has more Michelin 3 star rated restaurants (the highest rating you can get) than any other place in the world, including Paris.

While they serve many delicious foods throughout Japan, if you are not from the country you might be put off by a few of the common menu options. For instance, raw horsemeat is considered a delicacy. Also, if you go to a yakitori grilled chicken bar, the “Nankotsu” is grilled bone cartilage. Looking for pizza in Japan? You can most certainly find it, likely with mayonnaise on top. Mayonnaise is the most popular pizza topping in the country.

The awesome thing about traveling the world is getting to try a whole new variety of foods. Although no matter how far and wide you explore, you will be hard-pressed to find meals that are this cute. Check out these 14 adorable meals inspired by Japanese Cuisine…

Panda Sushi 

The sushi you can get in Japan is considered some of the best around the world. Fresh foods are a big importance in Japan, and when it comes to sushi fresher is always better. In fact, when Japanese travel and eat sushi from other countries they are often shocked at the low quality in comparison with the sushi available in Japan.


Kitty-Cat Marshmallow Coffee 

Who wants plain marshmallows in their coffee when you can order a coffee with a kitty-shapped marshmallow inside!?


Rice Polar Bear Relaxing In Warm Curry 

This polar bear looks like he’s found a great spa!


Sleepy Bear Made Of Rice 

While you might be tempted to pour soy sauce over your sleepy bear made of rice, this is considered “bad form” in Japan, as rice should be eaten plain. I’m not so sure I want to eat this cute little bear at all!


Cat Donuts

Donuts are cats down one of my favorite foods, these kitty creations look delicious and adorable!


Noodles That Look Like Chewbacca 

Thanks to  Japan, instant ramen noodles were invented in 1958, but until now no one knew how much they could be made to resemble Chewbacca…


Cute As A Bunny Bread! 

A little dollop of butter on top, and yum yum these bunny rolls will be gone in moments.


Fish & Cats Soup 

This kitty is about to go fishing in your soup for some of those delicious little fishes!


Curey Onsen 


Curry & A Side Of Rice Llama 

You may have noticed that there is a lot of curry on this list of adorable Japanese inspired foods. That’s because curry is one of the most popular foods in Japan. The average Japanese citizen eats the dish around 125 times a year–that’s around once every 3 days!


Penguin Sushi 

Take that Pandas, the penguins make cute sushi too! Did you know that sushi does not technically have to contain any raw fish at all? Sushi simply translates to “vinegared rice.”


Sleepy Kitty

In Japan, to give thanks for each meal you say “Itadakimasu” before you eat, and “Goochiso sama deshita” after eating.


Japanese Hot Pot Polar Bear

This bowl of Japanese hot pot soup is infused with a polar bear shaped out of radish.


“Pandas In A Curry” 


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