11 Most Fascinating Barns Across America

Sunflower Dance Photo Credit- Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Barns always tell a story- a positive, happy story of life-sustaining farmers, grains and livestock; a story of slow-paced, peaceful countryside life; a story of gorgeous fields and never-ending blue sky.

We bring you here our collection of 11 most splendid barns across America. How about the next family picnic at one of these?

1. Candy Mountain 

Candy Mountain Photo Credit- Debra and Dave VenderlaanPhoto Credit- Debra and Dave Venderlaan

An old weathered barn graces this autumn pasture on a crisp fall morning in the Appalachian mountains

2. God Bless America 

God Bless America Photo Credit- Debra and Dave VanderlaanPhoto Credit- Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

A vintage John Deere tractor sits in front of a very patriotic old barn in the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia near the North Carolina state line.

3. Old Barn At Dusk

Old Barn At Dusk Photo Credit- Scott NorrisPhoto Credit- Scott Norris

This old barn is near the Pinewoods campground in Kettle Moraine South state park in Wisconsin.

4. Summer Barn 

Summer Barn Photo By Rob TravisPhoto Credit: Rob Travis

An old barn near Brevard, NC at the height of summer.

5. White Barn And Silo

White Barn And Silo Photo Credit- Thomas SchoellerPhoto Credit- Thomas Schoeller

Clicked in Litchfield Hills, this white barn and silo are a well preserved and beautiful reminder of days long past. A split rail fence and gorgeous autumn foliage add to this bucolic New England scene.

6. Sunflower Dance 

Sunflower Dance Photo Credit- Debra and Dave VanderlaanPhoto Credit- Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Sun rays peek out from the storm clouds left over from the afternoon rain, leaving the old red roof and weathered wooden planks of this vintage barn warmed in the sunshine.

7. Danny’s Barn 

Danny's Barn Photo Credit- Darren WhitePhoto Credit- Darren White

Classic Red Barn sits in the sunset light near Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

8. Red Barn Avenue 

Red Barn Avenue Photo Credit- Mike DawsonPhoto Credit- Mike Dawson

A beautiful red barn lies at the end of a pear blossom lined lane in a Hood River orchard.

9. Moulton’s Barn 

Moulton's Barn Photo Credit- Mel SteinhauerPhoto Credit- Mel Steinhauer

In the late 1800s, Thomas Moulton built this barn about 15 miles north of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. You will find it at the southern end of the Grand Teton National Park, near Moose Junction on Antelope Flats Road.

10. Barnstormer 

Barnstormer Photo Credit- Debra and Dave VanderlaanPhoto Credit- Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Light, pouring over this dairy farm, spilling out over the thunder clouds. This image was captured in rural western Michigan, deep in the heart of dairy farm country.

11. Vermont Autumn Barn 

Vermont Autumn Barn Photo Credit- Joseph RossbachPhoto Credit- Joseph Rossbach

Rustic barn at sunrise along Rt.100 in the Green Mountains of Vermont